Glass Partitions- Glass Office

Mesmerized by Willy Wonka’s glass elevator as a child, I have always had a place in my heart, and my dreams, for an all glass room. There is just something magical and ethereal in the simple beauty of glass. A Glass Partition allows you to have the privacy of a separate area without being completely closed-off from the rest of the house.

glass enclosed room partition

Maximize a beautiful waterfront scene by replacing traditional walls with a glass wall. You get all of the perks of a dedicated space without closing off that million-dollar view! Glass rooms are ideal for making a small space feel larger, are an economical way to divide a large space and give any home or office an open, airy feel.

Gridded Industrial Inspired Glass Doors

A few years back we were inspired by beautiful photos of the Industrial style steel doors. I was so inspired I had a reputable company come out to give me an estimate on my office. I had sticker shock at the hefty price tag. I didn’t love the look enough to spend $30,000 on a few pieces of glass. Fast forward a couple of years and now we have an alternative! Pictured below is our hottest new offering. Aluminum Framed Gridded Doors. We can customize the grids, the size and the hardware. Visit our showroom to see our functioing gridded door display.

Industrial Gridded Doors

Bringing the Contemporary Look Home

Do you have an open Den that is just waiting for a Glass Office Partition? It delineates the space to provide privacy without taking up as much room as traditional drywall divider or blocking airflow. Here are a few ideas of how your space could be transformed. First we have the statement making Gridded Doors. Below that you will see a similar sized opening with the All Frameless Look.

What about Sound?

Good question! Will adding Glass soundproof your room? No, it won’t be sound proof but it will dramatically reduce the sound. Most sounds will be muffled when you are in your glass office or room. For a real life test I have added some beautiful glass doors to my laundry room. They previously had wood doors and I find the glass to do just as good, if not better than the wood. I am amazed how loud the laundry running sounds before I close the doors.

What about Large spaces?

Big or small, we’ve got you covered. This impressive Home office below had ceilings that were 130″ tall. That’s right, these glass panels and doors are soaring at almost 11′ tall.

Large Glass Office

Ultra Clear Glass

As with any large glass installation, Ultra Clear glass is the best choice to achieve total transparency. The green-hue in standard glass is more evident in over-sized pieces, while Ultra Clear glass is crisp and beautiful. You might be able to love with the green hued standard clear glass in your showers. If you are adding a glass partition or home office, this space will likely be visible from the main part of the home. We don’t want a green eye sore that you will be staring at with regret for years to come. Check out this beauty below. Imagine if it was green!

Glass Office pArtition

Glass Barn Doors

We just love how these barn doors came out for a Designer here in Naples. Open, airy and modern conference room. Photo courtesy of W Design.

glass barn doors

Commerical Office

Perhaps the most familiar use of glass rooms is in an office setting, where conference and consultation rooms are encased in glass – a tangible representation of the transparency the organization promotes. In this case, the company logo, mission statement or even a quick inspirational phrase can be sandblasted onto the exterior. I have even seen three glass offices right in a row; now the CEO isn’t the only one with a window seat!

Glass Office Commercial