At Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. we can always cut and polish glass shelves for you in house! At our fabrication facility, Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc., we hand cut your glass shelf  to your specifications. We have full time staff in our shop, cutting and polishing every order. Our state of the art polishing machine will ensure a smooth flat polished edge. We offer the best pricing because we buy our glass in large amounts, by the crate. We use only ultra clear glass for glass shelves that are cut in house. W can cut and polish  1/4″ and 3/8″ glass in house and our huge glass polishing machine will finish the edge with a high shine polished edge.   The discriminating client or designer prefers the ultra clear or star fire glass for the clearest edge possible.

We also have 1/2″ and 3/4″ glass available in clear or tinted glass. Glass shelves over 36″ span should be a glass thickness of at least 1/2″.  The glass shelf below is a dramatic 3/4″ thick.
glass corner shelf

When it comes to installation, we can help you there too! We have a wide variety of shelf supports, brackets and u-channel in stock if you would like to install your glass shelf yourself. If you would like us to handle the installation, that’s no problem! One of our qualified crews can come directly to your home and install for a minimal service call.

One of our most popular options is glass shelves is a corner glass shelf for your shower. Safety is a concern in a potentially slippery shower. All glass shelves for showers are pre made and tempered for safety. We stock all of the popular sizes- 8″, 10″ and 12″. The corner shelves come half round or triangular. All tempered stock shelves are 3/*’ standard clear.

How do I install a shelf in my shower if I have to drill in the tile?

When it comes to installing glass in showers we recommend you leave the installation to us. We have the special drill bits needed to drill into tile. Drilling into tile is second nature to our experienced crews, we do this everyday. Precision is key here, this is tile! The shelf brackets must be in the correct spot, the first time. There are no room for mistakes when you are drilling into tile. Drywall patch is not an option. The holes must be drilled right the first time!

Visit our Chiseled Edge Glass page to see a one of a kind option for glass shelves!