We’ve discussed Wine Cellar Locations, and we’ve also gone over extensively about everything you need to know about glass wine enclosures in other posts (linked throughout). But… do you know what size of wine cellar you want? Glass wine enclosure size is a detail some struggle with. It can be tricky sometimes to find the one that’s going to fit your needs best, because they definitely aren’t a one size fits all. What’s great about these glass wine cases is that they are all custom – so you can get what fits your needs!

Small Enclosures

What qualifies as a “small wine enclosure?” Don’t think so much about bottle count but space. Smaller stature wine enclosures are great for those little nooks and niches that you would like to make use of but are unsure of how. And they don’t have to be deep either. Pegs or single bottle racks along the back of a wall are a great way to utilize space and keep a slim profile. For those really narrow spaces, you don’t even need to put up glass! One of the most beautiful wine displays we have created utilized Ultra Clear Mirror. We installed the wine racking, and put Ultra Clear mirror between them and the spaces and both the racks and the mirror melded together to create the ultimate illusion of floating wine bottles.

Now, wine cellars don’t have to fit into a specific area, but these work gorgeously as both fillers and organized, and VERY practical storage space. One of my all time favorite’s happens to be one of the small enclosures we have done.

The wine cabinet that I’m referring too was actually posted on our instagram page recently and it has been in my Top 5 since we installed it. While only having a 36 bottle count, it stands as both a design structure and an art piece. It has a very light feel too it. It doesn’t look bulky or bogged down – weightless! THAT is the description that I’m looking for. The peg racking allows the bottles to be the main target, and the wood finish gives it that classic wine look and appeal. The only thing is that I wish the glass was ULTRA CLEAR!!!!

Medium Enclosures

So THIS is the realm that we mostly live in. Medium sized enclosures are my favorite. With a little extra elbow room, these mid sized spaces make a statement without completely dominating an entire space.


Now, I have to say in all honesty, that I think quite literally everything about the Under the Stair Wine Cellar is absolutely perfect, and it’s Climate Controlled. There isn’t a single thing that I would change. The entire room, color scheme and all, fits together like the perfect puzzle picture. The Ultra Clear Glass practically disappears. The floor to ceiling wine racking coupled with the white granite tiles and the wood that flows seamlessly from the floor to wall creates a super modern and clean look. The wine enclosure compliments the room – not completely overpowers.

Glass wine enclosure under stairs

Large Enclosures

The big mac daddies of the glass wine cellar world. The kings and queens of the glass wine enclosures. The, “whoa that’s impressive,” kind of wine room. All of us have seen something like this in those really fancy restaurants here in the South West Florida area. And I’m sure some of you have said a time or two, “That would be the coolest thing to have at home.” Well guess what, you can!

These large enclosures are supposed to be show stoppers. These are the focal points in rooms, meant to stand out and be seen. Regal and magnificent, large wine enclosures are for the serious wine collectors who put their vino above all else.

One of our most notable large wine enclosures is technically two. Flanking each side of a niche in a dinning room, these two glass cases stand TALL! They demand and command your attention, and look like wine jewel boxes. From a photograph, they are impressive. But when standing next to them, you can really appreciate the magnitude of these two wine cases.


If you’re wondering about all the technical details that go in to our glass wine cellars, you can check out our blogs Creating and all Glass Wine Cellar or Room AND Glass Wine Cellar Condensation. You can also mouse over the blog for some more Easter Egg blog links!  And after that, you can come stop in and see us in our showroom. You might even get inspired.