Typically, when I write for you guys, I just bestow information and then allow you to come to your own conclusions. Unless it is a debate about Ultra Clear glass, then that has been settled already and you know it. The past year was a big year for renovations. And it is no secret right now that it is a hot time to buy or sell a home. Today, I’m going to talk about getting the best value out of your renovations and installs because – that bathroom you haven’t updated in 20 years could be the difference between your asking price and a higher offer.

Utilizing Ultra Clear Glass

When clients come into the showroom, they always have the question of, “Is Ultra Clear really worth it?”

In short – YES.

Guys, I’m not making this up, it is literally more valuable to you in the long run to use Ultra Clear glass for your renovations.

You would not believe how many showers and wine enclosures I can pull out of the brand-new magazines we received where the builders or the homeowners put all of their money into choosing and installing beautiful tile and marble – and then completely cheap out on the glass. You aren’t saving or creating any value by doing this.

So many, I have seen so many people spend literally THOUSANDS of dollars on their bathroom renovation and then buy the cheapest glass at the end of everything and it shows. It shows by discolouring the marble or tile and having a green cast over everything.

It looks cheap, it doesn’t create value, and detracts from the work that has already been done.

If you want to create value and really get the most out of your glass install, Ultra Clear is your best way forward.

Back Painted Glass

It may come as a surprise, but people really like convenience and ease.

I know, what a CRAZY concept!

Tiled backsplashes are a traditional staple. However, they are difficult to clean. Grout? We already deal with that in the shower.

With the versatility of back painted glass to come in quite literally any colour, back painted glass backsplashes are a clean alternative to the tradition tile backsplash.

They are easier to clean, they won’t fade or stain, and they could even be used as a markerboard. No more lists on the fridge!

Speaking of glass marker boards, they work amazing in home office spaces. They wipe completely clean without any dry erase staining – so you can finally use that red dry erase marker to highlight important tasks without it forever staining.


Whether a bathroom vanity, a home gym, or a wall mirror – there will be SOME form of something reflective somewhere in your home. And that’s good, we need it!

I noticed that everyone that moves into a condo with those full wall, bevel strip lined mirrors, are taking them down. I have to admit, I find them pretty dated looking myself, but consider this.

Why was it installed there in the first place?

Mirrors help open up spaces and make them feel larger and can help brighten a darker room. By completely removing a wall mirror, will it make your space seem significantly smaller? Will it cause a room to feel closed off? Will you lose a really nice view that is reflected into your home, or even light?

You do not have to have a giant, green, bevel strip wrapped mirror wall. There are alternatives.

Ultra Clear mirror will help eliminate that green hue that most mirrors reflect back. Trying a different frame type could really help to freshen things up, I just wrote a whole other blog about it! Try a shaped mirror instead of something square or rectangle to create some interest!


So, we already hit on why Ultra Clear glass is extremely important in creating value, but the type of shower you install is also important.

Frameless showers create a minimalist type of enclosure that really allows your tile or marble to shine. Ultra Clear glass will really help to enhance this look, as standard clear glass will create a green cast over your tile work.

Slider enclosures have also evolved with the times. Long gone are the days of Aquatex bypass sliders that corrode in our harsh Florida water.

Instead, you can go with the new, updated styles like the Barndoor Slider, the frameless Essence Slider, or even the new models of the Bypass sliders.

Even if you don’t renovate your entire shower, changing out and updating the glass and be a gamechanger. One less thing for a potential buyer to think about as they are knit picking what they plan to renovate as they walk through your home!

Glass Wine Rooms and Enclosures

In all of the new homes featured in the latest home magazines, glass wine rooms and enclosures have been included in almost every shot.

They are elegant and classy, and really boost the value of a home!

Glass wine enclosures, refrigerated and non refrigerated, create a beautiful décor display, while also being functional. And functional art is everything guys. Anything decorative that is also functional is, in my eyes, worth so much more than anything that is just simply, “pretty.”

Speaking of functional art, we only use the best racking available – Vintage View! They have suppliers all over the country, so even if you are far from us, you can still have this beautiful racking installed in your home!

For both the serious collector, and the avid enjoyer, a wine enclosure is a top notch home addition.

So many of you call in with long distance questions about glass wine enclosures, so for more detailed information, I recommend referencing our Creating an All Glass Wine Enclosure blog. Leslie made sure to hit all of the major question points.

Glass Office Partitions

If you haven’t yet read my blog on Home Glass Office Partitions, I highly recommend.

Not only do I go over all the reasons why home glass office partitions are great, but I even go into what styles are available.

You’re welcome.

If it is one thing that has become a super trend of 2020, it’s home offices. Not by style or choice, but quite literally by form and function.

Working from home, whether full time or part time, is going to be a part of life moving forward. Change happens!

What has been common for us here at Builders Glass are Industrial Grid Doors. They are great for closing off a den area to create a quiet workspace without completely closing off the rest of the house. Light can filter in, and you can still peak out to ensure that the kids are keeping up with their homework.


In a time of fast changes and a hot market, getting the best value out of your renovations and installs is worth more now than ever. Think conscientiously about what products, and the quality of the products you are choosing. Now is not the time to cut corners.

For more ideas on how to get the max value out of your renovations and installs, feel free to give us a call, or come visit un in our showroom where you can get inspired!