Here at Builders Glass of Bonita we strive to give you one of a kind, custom mirrors to match your taste and needs. It’s easy to make cookie cutter copies for the masses, but to make personalized mirrors to suite a client’s individual needs is what we specialize in. We want to ensure that you don’t only have beautiful mirrors, but mirrors that are uniquely yours. Your home is your own personal space, and every detail should cater to you. We have a various selection of mirrors for you to come and experience including:

Ultra Clear Mirror

Our premium Ultra Clear Low Iron Mirror is the highest quality mirror available to consumers. Ultra Clear Mirror is free from iron impurities, meaning you only get a high definition, color accurate reflection. Regular, cheap mirror, not made in the USA is green hued due to the mineral and iron impurities found in the glass. It’s important to know that there are other options besides regular green glass and mirror – the glass does NOT always need to be greener.

Electric Mirror

We are a carrier and distributor of Integrity™™ Lighted mirrors, the highest quality electric mirrors available. It’s imperative to us that we only supply the best products for our clients. These electric mirrors are stunning and perfect for makeup vanities, and a little extra light wherever you need it. These mirrors also have impressive upgrade options including dimming lights, and a hidden tv in the mirror.

Hidden Two Way TV Mirror

We have a one of a kind way of turning your TV into a mirror. And you can still use your TV for its original purpose! Two way mirror creates a complete reflective surface that still allows you to watch TV. It’s a clever way of having the best of both worlds and condensing space. 

Floating Back Lit Mirrors

Floating back lit mirrors are a beautiful way to showcase your mirrors by creating a warm and welcoming glow. Backlit mirrors come to life adding dimension to your bathroom vanities or as a feature piece. You can also frame them in colored mirror to give a clear and present boarder but still keep the reflection continuous. 

Antique and Colored Mirror

Our handmade antique mirror is one of our top selling products and rightly so. Antique mirror is perfect for feature walls, accent pieces, and kitchen backsplashes. Colored mirror is an interesting addition to Builders Glass that allows you to bring color back into your home. Often, we tend to go with color neutral schemes that are supposed to match everything put in a room, but then end up leaving the color out. Bring it back with a color feature mirror or use it to frame another piece.


Mondrian Mirror Art is the newest feature at Builders Glass of Bonita. We have created an actual piece of art with mirror and we couldn’t be happier with it. Comprised of Bronze, Rose, Ultra Clear, and Antique Mirror, this feature wall literally has it all. Its so unique and is a real eye catcher. Make sure to check out our blog posts for updates, and if you would like to see this new addition in our showroom or ask us about any of our other mirror options, please come visit us in our showroom and get inspired!