Finding custom pieces of glass replacement can be difficult and expensive. Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. and our parent company – Builders Glass of Bonita specializes in small, custom-sized pieces of tempered, annealed, polished, and decorative glass at affordable prices. We handle a range of projects such as glass railings, glass counter tops, custom replacement glass, replacement windows, industrial windows, custom shelving, anreven painted glass backsplashes. These are just a few examples of the projects we can help you with.

Custom Glass countertops are gaining in popularity. The beauty of a glass countertop is it can be added above your existing granite or marble. A glass countertop is a simple way to modernize your kitchen counters without replacing all of them.

Glass Counter top

Glass railing with standoffs

When it comes to custom glass, look no further than Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc.. Our design team will work directly with you to create that unique glass design that requires the most skilled technicians. The Glass Railing below was installed using the most minimal hardware possible. The glass has 8 holes predrilled for the standoffs used during the installation. Thick 1/2″ tempered glass was used for additional strength.

We are very excited about our newest option in custom edge work of glass. This edge is created completely by hand. It makes the perfect design piece for a console table or a glass countertop. Custom chiseled edge on 3/4" thick glassGlacier glass, or chiseled glass, was installed on shelf brackets to create this custom shelf installation. The thick 3/4″ glass used adds even more drama to the custom edge. Custom edge work for glass

We service individual customers as well as large businesses. Order size can range from a single piece of tempered glass to several hundred pieces of custom glass.