So, we didn’t predict this in the 2020 design trends. Ladies and gentlemen hello, HELLO! It is good to be back and blogging again. With the current events of the world, a lot has changed in a very short span of time. Many of us are either working from home, or helping our young minds navigate online school. More often than not, trying to juggle both at the same time, and I feel for you. Dining tables have been converted into family workspace, living rooms have become classrooms, and bedrooms are now office storage space. Oh sweet were the times when work mostly stayed at the office. Even as I am now back in the office, I thought a LOT about how nice it would be to have something of a designated office space at home. I personally don’t have a spare bedroom to convert or even space to add in a small area, so it really got me thinking; what are some ways that I could possibly create something of a home office space?

A girl can dream right?

Partitions and Dividers

Now, ideally, it would be AWESOME to have a whole room that was strictly office and workspace – we’ll get to that later on down the line. But for now, I’m thinking more “I need a spot to set up my computer and not be distracted by my family or the fact that I can see the refrigerator from the couch.”

I’m telling you guys; I swear the fridge and the pantry are conspiring against me.

We often install glass partitions and dividers where just a littlebit of extra wall space is needed. Say… the length it would take to block off a desk maybe?

Most distractions come from sight and sound. If you can see it, and you can hear it, most of the time it will take some small part of your notice. Which can be really difficult when you are trying to write up a proposal or get in on that important meeting call. Its why glass came to my mind – ok it might have something to do with the fact that I work with glass but – glass is pretty good at deadening sound and there were a couple of options I thought of on how to use it.

Laminated Inserts:

For our DIYers out there, a wood partition with laminated glass inserts is a great way to block out some noise pollution. I say some and not all because this is just a partition, not a full room with a door, but this would definitely help in heading off some of that tv resonance coming from the living room.

Glass Panel:

The beautiful thing about glass panels is that they are blank slates. You can go in almost any direction with a glass panel. An Ultra Clear panel allows for you to put up your divider without disrupting the flow of the space you’re setting it up in. The use of decorative film can provide you with as much, or as little, obscuring as you need!

Grid Panel:

For something a little more modern, a grid panel can serve you well. The industrial styled grid panel creates something of a frame or a window. You can section out your space, reduce your outside interference, and get to work in style!

Corner Office

Alright, so maybe it’s not a corner office on the 80thfloor but hey – it’s yours!

In terms of “creating a new space”, cutting it out of corners is probably the easiest way to go about it. By utilizing glass panels and doors, it is possible to achieve a closed home office space without making your floor plan look smaller. It’s a cool compromise of appearance and use of space!

With creating a room, you have a variety of different styles and glass options, mostly because now we have doors thrown into the mix!

Swing Door:

Swing doors make for an easy option as they blend in with the rest of your glass enclosure and don’t draw much attention to themselves. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be jazzed up! Oversized handles create a unique and dramatic effect, and film textures can be added for even more looks and styles!

Barndoor Slider:

We have done a LOT of offices and conference rooms with barndoors. Let me tell you, this is like THE office door. Those big beautiful rollers that are used to glide the glass door along the overhead hardware are here to make a statement!

Industrial Grid:

Yes, the industrial grid enclosure will now be included with the majority, if not all, of our future enclosure subjects. And as they should because it is such a different option from what we are used to. Not everything has to be solid or clear, we can have a little variety in our lives. And Industrial Grid is a great new option for a home office space.

The Walk In:

Doors are awesome, but maybe that’s not what you had in mind. We can take the divider idea and expand on it! Instead of completely closing in your office, you can leave an opening that would allow walk in access. No moving parts necessary.

Glass Marker Boards

I’m a big fan of using expo marker to help me jot down notes, check my math really quick, or even make sure that I am spelling something right because words just look weird sometimes. And it’s awesome because I can work something out before finalizing it on paper. I do all of this using my desktop which is a piece of back painted glass, but you can easily have this done to a wall.

Back painted glass marker boards are one of the coolest things in my humble opinion. See, I’m used to regular marker boards, you know – the white ones with the wood backing that stain and are just never the same after? Yeah, I’ve had my time with those before. But glass doesn’t stain like normal whiteboards do. It wipes clean every time! So if you have a white piece of glass, it will stay white. Or… whatever colour you see fit. Back painted glass is a custom project that we can create in any colour!

I also love glass marker boards for the little ones. Walls are tantalizing canvases, but not ideal ones. Because we can custom colour glass, using the same colour for your walls as well as your marker board allows for a creative area without sacrificing your walls or the colour that you have painted them.

A Note From Builders Glass

From us here at Builders Glass to you and your own, we hope that you are well and getting through this ever-changing scene. Who knows, maybe you’ll really enjoy working from home at your new jazzed up little home office space! We are here and our showroom is open, so give us a call or come say hello! You might just get inspired.