Hi Sheen. The glorious, most amazing glass cleaner to ever grace the glass world. Or at least it is in my own experience. I use it near daily here at work on EVERY glass surface (and even sometimes on other surfaces), and I am here to sing the praises of Hi Sheen. Mostly because I’ve been working on researching another big blog post and in the mean time really need to post SOMETHING!

But Hi Sheen really is a great product and we need to talk about it.

What is it?

Hi Sheen is our number one, go to, glass cleaning product choice. It’s safe to use on all your glass surfaces, including and especially your mirrors, because it has low ammonia in the formula. Ammonia eats the silvering on the back of your mirrors, so be VERY cautious of what you are cleaning your mirrors with. We would hate to see you have brand new sparkly low iron ultra clear mirrors installed in your bathrooms and then the edges turn black due to windex.

So yeah, it cleans glass, big deal right? Well I use it for far more than that my friends…

Paint Stripping

We do A LOT with back painted glass here. Constantly. And it has to be perfect. If there is a blemish, a brush stroke, overlap, or any particles trapped between the paint and the glass, it’s visible from the front side, and we really can’t have that. So the best way to strip it all down and start from scratch – Hi Sheen.

Hi Sheen softens the paint and makes it really easy to peel it off with either our fingers or with a razor blade. And even more satisfying, being able to peel off huge sheets of paint at a time. Not sure why, but that’s one of our favorite parts of stripping paint off of glass.

Hi Sheen is easy and efficient here as all I have to do is spray it on, leave it to set in for a few minutes, and come back and strip the paint off. Sometimes the paint is loose enough for me to just wipe it off!

And then of course before we start painting again, we thoroughly clean the glass again with Hi Sheen to ensure that NO SPECS OF ANY KIND WILL AGAIN CONTAMINATE THE PAINT!

Sticky Stuff

Glass “gluing” products like two sided mirror tape and Gunther are REALLY good at their jobs. They budge for no one. And on the occasion that I need a piece of glass that so happens to have one of these hard to remove backings, Hi Sheen helps me out. Like… a lot.

When I’m making sample boxes of antique mirror, I try and use the best pieces that I can find that match what our online samples look like (Sometimes they’re a tad different). But for some reason, this one time our Dark Cloud mirror was looking more like Summer. It was REALLY light and not not Dark Cloudish AT ALL. I managed to find some good Dark Cloud pieces, but they had old Gunther on the back of the tiles like they had been used on a sample board or something. Being the ONLY pieces that were what I was looking for, I decided to spray some Hi Sheen on the back of the tiles, cross my fingers, and pray that the Hi Sheen gods would help me out.

And by golly they did.

It didn’t come up quite as easy as paint,  but with a razor blade, I was able to get the Gunther off and leave the back of the mirrors smooth and uninterrupted. Honestly, I was really impressed because I did NOT expect it to work.

I have also used Hi Sheen to remove double sided mirror tape, and industrial grade velcro (you know that velcro that when it’s stuck that’s it and there’s no getting it off and god forbid it’s crooked – yeah, that kind)

When I’m stuck in a sticky situation, Hi Sheen really comes through.

Stickers and Glue

Why didn’t I stick stickers and glue in with sticky stuff? Because glue and stickers aren’t quite so bad as any of that other stuff that cements glass and mirror in place. HOWEVER! Glue doesn’t always chip off cleanly, and sticker residue on glass is a PAIN! And some of the stickers that we encounter are those clear plastic kind that no matter what, even using a razor blade is a little trying. And dangerous. I don’t recommend it, the cuts in my hands can attest!

But Hi Sheen is able to really get through all of that sticker stuff and help get it off. Sometimes a little too well…

Because we kept nearly walking into our new under the stair wine cellar because the ultra clear glass was working SO well, we had to put some stickers on the glass at eye level till we had time to adjust and get used to glass being in a place that it wasn’t before. This really isn’t normally a problem, but we had been walking into the wine cellar from that side before the glass and door had been put in and – yeah it took us a hot minute to get used to glass being there. ANYWAYS!

The stickers that we had put on the glass looked out of place and needed to go. Just to make my life a little easier, and to ensure that I didn’t accidentally scratch the glass with a razor blade as I tried to force the stickers off, I sprayed a little Hi Sheen on there and walked away for literally about a minute. When I came back, the stickers were melting. MELTING! Ink from the sticker prints were running down the glass, and the paper ones were shredding. Never had I seen Hi sheen do that before, but I don’t normally let a sticker sit when I spray it – I just go ahead and work it off once the Hi Sheen has been applied. Lesson learned!

Hi Sheen is a great glass cleaning product for way more than your needs may be. It’s easy and safe to use, and goes above and beyond expectation. So if you’re interested in this product, you can come swing by our showroom to pick some up and maybe even get inspired!