If you read my blog on 2020 design trends, THIS is the forth coming wine enclosure blog I spoke of. And if you haven’t read my 2020 design trends blog, I’ll make it easy for you and link it right HERE because that’s a good one if you want to see how and where glass will stand in the new decade. However, this blog is all about 2020 Glass Wine Enclosures and how we can use these new trendy design elements to really set your glass wine enclosure apart.


 I should title this section minimalism – but that’s not what I want to highlight here. It’s all about the glass right now. 2020 design trends really bold out in your face design with colors, textures, and materials. So what you want to do in your 2020 wine enclosure is make it so that the glass disappears, and your main design features pop.

Ultra. Clear. Glass.

I will be honest with you, standard clear glass is an eye sore, and distracts from whatever it is trying to showcase. This isn’t even me trying to upsell you or anything, I just hate it when people spend good money on renovating and then go cheap on the glass and tarnish the whole project.

When working on an investment, always go for quality, not convenience – and yes, your glass wine enclosure is an investment. You’re investing in keeping your wine and displaying it.

Another cool way glass can be used in your wine cellar that allows your wine to be the main attraction is using Vintage View’s new racking systems! Introducing the Vino Series Post Floating Wine Rack System and the Vino Series Panel. The floating wine rack system utilizes a single post with peg plates to give the wine bottles a floating appearance; minimally seen hardware to allow the wine bottles to be the focus. The Vino Panel is my personal favourite of the two, however. By placing pegs in an acrylic pane, wine bottles are able to float right off the surface.

Natural Materials

 2020 design trends revolve around incorporating natural materials and finishes into your home. Wood for example, is a massive contributor. And as we know, wood and wine go hand in hand. So why not incorporate some wood into your 2020 wine enclosure?

Stik Wood is a product that we have been using for a long time here at Builders Glass. If you’ve been into our showroom, you’ve seen it on two of our walls – and probably didn’t even realize that it was a peel and stick product. YUP! Stik Wood is a peel and stick product made out of real reclaimed wood that you can install yourself! Ranging in different wood options and colors, you can warm up or tone down your wine enclosure!

Another great wood product for your 2020 wine enclosure – thanks again Vintage View – are wood peg boards. If you check out Vintage View’s website, which I HIGHLY recommend, you can find this racking system under Grain and Rod Metal and Wood Wine Rack Panel Kits.

Another great material for a natural look – stone. Stone is a great natural medium that really stands out in a glass wine enclosure. Stone paired with floor to ceiling wine racking is a match made in heaven.

So when constructing the area for your glass wine enclosure – consider the natural side of things.


2020 design is all about colour my friends.

If you can implement a colour somewhere – don’t be afraid to go for it. Big, bold feature colours are in and we are here for it! When considering colour in your glass wine enclosure, don’t be afraid to go all out and try something new.

Back painted glass is a really hot commodity when it comes to glass wine cellars. Here at Builders Glass, we custom make back painted glass to any colour. Really – any colour. The sky’s the limit… and then some.

If you have a feature colour throughout the area that your glass wine enclosure will be living in, you can bring that straight into your wine enclosure with back painted glass. The back wall of your wine enclosure is fair game for design – so when considering trends for the new decade, take colour into mind. For the past decade or so we’ve been really neutral with colours, it’s time to brighten up our lives!

Another way to add a splash of colour to your wine cellar using glass – antique mirror. More subtle (and in that way “safer”) than back painted glass, antique mirror offers colour and variance. Our hand-crafted Omega antique mirror comes in 12 different patterns, all with their own unique colour and pattern texture. In 2020 design, old is new again, so do not fear that full antique mirror wall or antique mirror subway tiles for your 2020 wine enclosure.

Speaking of antique mirror tiles – here’s a link to our shop site Striptiles.com where you can order tiles to install yourself!

Outstanding Hardware

2020 design really is dramatic. Go big or go home! And the hardware for your 2020 glass wine cellar is one element that can really bring everything to the forefront.

When considering handle hardware, we really push using the larger ladder-pull handles. These oversized beauties demand your attention, have a luxurious feel, and fit right in there with 2020 design trends.

Contrast is another big point in 2020 design trends. Most wine racking that we install is chrome or brushed – but why not throw a curve ball in there and go with something like black racking? Personally, I like the look and feel of the black racking. It’s sleek, elegant, and very different from what would traditionally be chosen – and that’s what we are looking for in 2020 glass wine enclosures.

Moving Forward

As I stated in my 2020 design trends blog, and as I try to make a point of in any opinion-based blog I write – make a design your own. Just because someone said something is trendy, doesn’t mean that it’s for you. If you like it, go for it!

If you want to see some examples of our glass wine enclosures and what we can do for you here in 2020, come stop by our showroom and get inspired!