We did it! We made it, we have arrived, we have successfully crossed over from one decade to the next; great work team! However, some trends have not. And though we are still VERY new into 2020 – I am seeing a lot of “2020 trends” articles being released already. Now full disclosure real quick – I’m not a designer. So all I can do is research what’s going on and then roll with that. So here’s what I’ve discovered so far with what to expect for 2020 Design Trends and how that affects us over here in the glass world.

Organic Elements

A lot of what I was seeing on the interwebs had to do with organic forms, shapes, and materials. Which is kind of neat if you ask me.

Wood was a HUGE reoccurring theme throughout the articles that I read. Solid wood tables, organic shaped stump basses – even wicker and rattan furniture are coming back to the forefront. The only thing about wood surfaces, however, is that they are susceptible to everyday wear and tear and should be protected.

You know what protects wood really well? GLASS!

A look that I also like that combines the two elements are the wood tops with glass panels dropped in. You still get the great wood appeal while also having a nice surface.

Speaking of wood, I want to mention Stikwood. Yes! It is still a thing! Real pieces of reclaimed wood made into a peel and stick product.

I haven’t spoken about Stikwood for a while now, but with wood surfaces and finishes being used more, it got me thinking. Using Stikwood as the wall surface for your glass enclosed wine cellars is not a good idea – but a great one. You pay homage to the roots and history of wine and wine cellars while also creating a super in trend area of your home.

Another idea – wood peg board wine racking from Vintage View. (I’ll delve deeper into all my big 2020 wine cellar ideas for their own blog so, look out for that one coming)


Originally this was going to be included with Organic Elements, but I figured that shapes need their own spot to shine.

It seems as though people in 2020 will be breaking away from the rigidity of straight-line, vertical and horizontal design. Not completely mind you, but it’s fun to try new, fresh ideas. Especially when you’ve been living with the same scene for about ten years.

While there is quite a bit that you can do with differently shaped glass – mirrors are what I want to highlight here. Because let’s be honest, we all just think to throw up a rectangle or a square shaped mirror on the wall and call it a day.

But we can think outside of the box gang! (Yeah, my puns are not going anywhere, thank you very much, I’m not done making bad jokes yet)

Round mirrors seem to be a big predicted trend for 2020. Their shape is balanced, organic, and unique when it comes to mirrors, which really gives them an edge. And definitely checks the trend boxes.

Shaped mirrors and arched mirrors are also great ideas for 2020 and I’ll link a blog that goes a little more into those here.

If you REALLY want to play with shapes, geometric mirrors or Mondrian style mirrors are a great way to go. Play with colors, designs, shapes – create a truly custom piece out of mirror. Because why have exactly what the other guy has, right?


Really. Big. Bold. Colors.

Probably the BIGGEST thing that I’ve seen circulating through the 2020 trend blogs is the topic of color. Over the past decade, neutrals have ruled supreme. Which is nice because everything matches and feels clean – but it is also extremely safe and boring. And the designers out there don’t seem to be suggesting more of the same my friends. Oh no, color is WAY in. It’s time to do it now and do it loud!

So how oh how is that a good thing for us here in the glass industry?

Because we get to be more creative and do more creative things and challenge ourselves – who doesn’t like that?

First thing right out the gate that comes to my mind is custom back painted glass. But to keep up with what is coming, don’t go for a muted or neutral color. This is your chance to pull something big and bold and choose a feature color to really pop and stand out. Quite a few of the articles I looked at talked about instead of having a feature wall, go all out and paint a whole room a bold color (which to me is a little scarier than I want to admit) so I think that a bold backsplash color is a nice place to start. And it’s easy to clean.

Back painted glass can also be used as features in glass enclosed wine rooms, as marker boards, pieces of art (think Mondrian and geometric art), and feature pieces. Feature pieces can be created with back painting deco glass, which has yielded us with some really cool effects.

Speaking of deco glass, color mirror deco glass is super A-class. By enhancing the different textures of deco glass by reflecting it back on itself, colored mirror breaks out a whole new world for deco glass. And, you get to have a fun feature color to liven up your space!

Bold is Back

One thing that I think is really cool about the upcoming trends is that it encourages you to be completely unapologetic with your home design ideas. If you’re going to do something, go big or go home. Go bold!

So we already spoke about color – great! But we aren’t stopping there. Should you choose to use black and whites, make sure to really go for it. Light and dark contrast is a major game changer in design.

Black fixtures and accents against white backgrounds really help to solidify and distinguish spaces, areas, and objects. Almost like framing. For example, a black gridded shower against white tile. Contrast can also be created by using shapes, such as a round mirror for a vanity that utilizes a lot of straight lines. Picture this for a second; white subway tiles in a bathroom with a gridded shower, round mirrors on a double vanity, and back hardware. Sounds pretty great to me. Black hardware can also be used in your glass wine room now to! Black racking is a big and bold statement item that looks classy and elegant.

Another element to create contrast is texture. We already went over colored mirror deco glass, but antique mirror is another great way of adding texture. No, the glass surface itself isn’t texturized like the deco glass, but the different patterns within the antique mirror has different effects and textures. And color! Each piece of antique mirror that we stock is hand made in Kentucky and cut from a sheet, so every piece is unique! Literally.

But it’s not just color and contrast and texture that you can go boldly with. In all seriousness, BIG statement pieces are what we are looking for. So it is ok to go with that beautiful barndoor design with the oversized rollers. Encouraged even! Do not fear the super-sized ladder pull handles! You CAN mirror that whole wall if you want to. Be unapologetic about your choices and go for it.


Speaking of mirroring a whole wall. I’m a huge fan of this tactic. Not only do mirrors help open up a space and make it feel larger, they also help to bring in more light and brighten the area. But please, I beg of you, Ultra Clear mirror only. A giant wall of reflective green does not help with the light as much as the Ultra Clear, and the green cast is just not a good look. So please. No.

Another grand idea, back lit floating mirrors and lighted mirrors. Because we can LITERALLY brighten vanities this way. Having sconce or overhead lighting for our vanities is awesome, but when you really want to see properly, a lit mirror is hands down the best option available. It’s the reason those little mirrors we use to look closely at our faces are mostly lit around the edges. And with lighted mirrors come some pretty sweet upgrades. Dimmers, built in tv’s, apps – not only are they design savvy, but they are also technologically advanced.

Back lighted mirrors are a really nice installment because they carry that cozy and comfortable vibe. And with them floated out from the wall, you both create interest and depth, which is what 2020 design is all about.

Your 2020

So with ALL of this information, what does it all really mean for you? I’ll tell you exactly what it means. Do your own research, find out what YOU really like, and stick by that. Trends come and go, but your own taste and style is what you will live with. Go for what speaks to you. Don’t be reserved about what you like and enjoy and take advice with a grain of salt. Even mine. So with that, welcome 2020 with all of your brand new styles and designs, and we hope to see you here in our showroom getting inspired!