Often when you are looking for a quick fix mirror, it’s really hard to find one in a suitable size. You can scour the whole town going through every home store and thrift shop and not find exactly what you are looking for. And even worse, we often hear about how some of our clients have settled for a cheap mirror they’ve found that doesn’t fit the space exactly how they were hoping. We can custom cut mirrors to go, at any size, or shape, to fit your individual needs. We stock 1/8″ and 1/4″ mirror, antique mirror and tinted mirror. We cut all of our mirrors by hand right here at our fabrication facility. And if you’re concerned about any sharp edges, we put all of our glass and mirror though our state of the art polisher to ensure that all edges are safe to the touch for easy handling. We understand how important time is to our clients, and pride ourselves on quick turn around times. Mirror orders can be placed over the phone with your provided dimensions, but please feel free to come visit us in our showroom if you feel that you need a little extra assistance.

Before you go ordering mirrors, here are a few things to consider.


1/8″ mirror is great for small frames and cabinets as it is light weight and it’s minimal profile allows it to set into small insets easily. 1/4″ mirror is what we standardly use for larger projects as it is sturdier and has less chance of cracking, bending, or breaking.

Installing in a frame

We can securely install mirror in an existing frame for you. Bring us the frame and we will cut a mirror to fit perfectly and have it done for you in a day or two. 

Mirror mounting supplies

Do you need mirror tape or mastic (adhesive) to mount your mirror? We have lots of options for installing a mirror yourself. We can answer questions and guide you in the best method for installing your mirror. If you are out of state, you can order these adhesive tools through our Strip Tiles Shop site.

Pattern shape

Shaped mirrors are a beautiful addition to your home, but finding them can be difficult. Because we cut all mirror by hand, we can cut those hard to find shaped mirrors for you! Just bring us a template or a pattern and we will fabricate it for you.

Beveled Mirror 

We special order beveled mirrors for our clients, so you can have any sized beveled mirror that you want! Because they are special ordered, it can take anywhere from 1 – 2 weeks for a beveled mirror to be delivered to us.