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Decorative Glass in 2021

When I say, “decorative glass,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it an etched bird on a front door? Leaded glass? Stained glass? Sure, all of these are decorative glass, but they have also fallen by the wayside. More often these days, we have been looking for more function over form, [...]

Wine Design: Glass Wine Enclosure Sizes

We’ve discussed Wine Cellar Locations, and we’ve also gone over extensively about everything you need to know about glass wine enclosures in other posts (linked throughout). But… do you know what size of wine cellar you want? Glass wine enclosure size is a detail some struggle with. It can be tricky sometimes to find the [...]

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All Glass Wine Room?

Single Pane Glass for a Wineroom? What about Climate control?  All Glass Wine Room? What type of glass for wine storage?  Search no more. Expert answers to your questions about designing an exquisite, custom wine showcase displayed in a Glass Wine Cellar or Room. Builders Glass specializes in creating a one of a kind all Glass Wine [...]

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Glass, for Wine Storage?

Yes, Glass is not only a good idea, it's a great idea to use glass for wine storage. We pride ourselves on our experience install glass wine rooms, glass wine closets, glass wine enclosures, and all glass wine cellar applications. The folks over at Vintage View consulted with us for their recent article on glass [...]

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Glass Wine Room with Climate Control

  If you haven't discovered the Glass Wine Room, let us introduce you. Traditionally, the wine has been stored in cellars that are located out of the main living areas of the home. Often hidden away in a dark corner or basement. These areas were chosen because they offered the most climate control. Dark corners [...]

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