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Back Painted Vs Mirror Backsplash

*Stadium Voice* A battle for the ages, glass vs glass, BACK PAINTED VS MIRROR BACKSPLASH!!! Alright, I’ll stop being dramatic but - come on that was a good lead in. We use both Back Painted Glass and Mirrors for kitchen backsplashes but, which one is… better? Now while it does come down to personal preference [...]

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Accent Glass: It’s the Little Things

So, I’ve come to the point in writing these blogs that I’m starting to feel repetitive - and I don’t want that!! So to change it up slightly, while still keeping a strong focus on the glass, I’m going to tell you guys about MY personal favorite decorative and accent glass. Because the blog is [...]

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Antique Mirror Tiles Kitchen Backsplash-Update

We can’t believe the response to our post about installing an antique mirror tile backsplash. We have received calls and emails from all over the country inquiring about these antique mirror tiles! We had so many requests to order the tiles, we have started shipping them. If you are interested in samples we would be [...]

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Antique Mirror Backsplash

Click on this picture to purchase Antique Mirror Backsplash or wall tiles from our Strip Tiles store! This is the story of how Strip Tiles, the antique mirror subway tile, was born. I love antique mirror. We love antique mirror. I have loved it for a long time, so you can imagine my excitement when [...]

Antique Mirror Wall

Sand Dollar Award Winning Antique Mirror Wall!  This is our original design of a contemporary Antique Mirror Feature Wall. Antique Mirror Feature Wall- 10' x 10' square tiles floating and backlit This dramatic Antique Mirror Wall Feature was custom designed and crafted by hand from start to finish. The result is a contemporary, [...]

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How to cut Antique Mirror Subway Tiles

How to cut Antique Mirror Subway Tiles is demonstrated for you in this video. We ship cut to size antique mirror subway tiles all over the country! We bet you are wondering how to cut the tiles when they arrive. We cut the antique mirror subway tiles to standard sizes of  4"x 8" and 5" x [...]

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