Are you looking for ideas for a mirror glass backsplash? Here at Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc., we have endless options for using mirror  glass in your kitchen backsplash. One of our most unique ideas is this custom backsplash done with antique mirror tiles! Visit our Antique Mirror page for more antique mirror inspiration.

Antique Mirror Backsplash

Over the years I have seen many things done with glass, but mirror glass backsplashes still remain a truly unique favorite. That is of course my unbiased opinion!! We specialize in antique mirror subway tile backsplash applications, and have watched them continue to grow in popularity over the last few years. It still remains one of the most unique backsplash options that your neighbor is not going to have. I can’t help but stand back and marvel at how beautiful they are. A glass or mirror backsplash offers several things to the designer and homeowner that tile or paint can’t compete with. If you have ever been interested in installing a mirror backsplash in your kitchen, continue reading, you just might be convinced.

  • Number one,  it is super easy to clean. I think we can all agree that grout is not our friend! Grout in a kitchen is a cleaning nightmare. With a glass or mirror backsplash you will never have to clean another grout line again.
  • Number two, mirror always opens up area. The natural benefit of mirror is it makes views and rooms feel bigger. It’s essentially adding square footage to your home! Tile and paint can’t do that.
  • Number three, mirror or glass is unique. How many people do you know that have beautiful mirror backsplash or a painted back glass backsplash opening up and brightening their kitchen?
  • Finally, price. One of the first benefits is the price. Prices vary, but normally you can do a mirror glass backsplash for half the price of decorative tile. There are several reasons why glass or mirror will most likely cost you less. First, mirror is cheaper per square foot than most decorative tiles are. Unless you are buying a cheap Home Depot tile, you are probably going to pay more. Additionally, labor cost is much less. It only take a couple hours for the installers to finish a mirror backsplash. It will take a tile guy all day to lay tile. Then the tile has to be grouted on a different day. Likely you would want to seal all those grout lines which means another trip for the tile installer.  Time is money.

mirror glass backsplash

Painted Back Glass Backsplash

Painted glass is the future of kitchen back splashes.  It takes an extremely skilled team of glass designers and artisans to master this craft, and we are proud to be the first glass company in the area to offer back painted glass completely done in house.  Design, fabricating, polishing and even the paint is all done in house, by our team of artisans. Our team spent years of training, and practicing to master this craft. It is with great pride that we are able to offer this custom product to our clients.  Contemporary, sparkly, clean lines and no grout. Seeing the final installation still excites us. Each one is different, and one of  kind.  Color possibilities are endless, we custom color match to any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color. Glass backsplashes If you want to go bright and dramatic, a painted back glass backsplash is the perfect spot to throw in that pop of color. A glass backsplash is an easy way to add modern look to your kitchen. Guaranteed to be the subtle wow factor, that pulls your design together.painted glass backsplash back painted glass

Back painted Glass Backsplash

We do all painting in house, this allows us to custom color match to your paint sample! The picture above was custom color matched to Benjamin Moore Fog Mist. We exclusively use ultra clear or low iron glass for our painted installations.  Ultra clear glass will not have the slight green hue that standard glass does. This allows for the best possible color match. Ultra clear glass is a premium product, where the iron is removed from the glass. The process of removing the iron also improves the clarity and sharpness of the product. Using ultra clear glass, also known as starphire or opti-white, is a must.

If you are interested in a back painted glass backsplash we will provide you with samples in your color choice. We can make a sample of your paint color on standard glass and the ultra clear for comparison.

blue painted glass backsplashWhat about the electrical outlets? We were not satisfied with using standard glass cover plates that obstructed our finished product.  We can custom create, real glass cover plates, color matched of course.  The real glass cover plates are also made out of low- iron ultra clear glass, then back painted by hand. We are proud to say that they disappear and leave you with the sleek design you are looking for!

Are you afraid of commitment? It’s okay, we are too. One of the best advantages of a glass backsplash is how easy they are to remove. We doubt you will ever want to go back to a tile backsplash after experiencing glass. But maybe you will want to change the color. The glass can easily be removed with no damage left behind, unlike the huge project of ripping out tile and creating a huge mess and damaged walls.

If you are interested in a back painted glass backsplash, we recommend an appointment at our Glass Design Center in Bonita Springs. View samples, and see our work in person.  Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. is located on Us 41, in Bonita Springs  We look forward to meeting you and becoming your glass design and installation company.