Glass Marker Board

Glass Marker board

At Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. we can create any size or style of glass marker board custom for you! The options in glass color and frame are endless. Visit our showroom to see all the options in stock for glass marker boards. From small to large, we have many different sizes available. If you don’t find one that is just the right size, you can bring us your frame and we can cut the painted back glass to your exact size requirements!

Consider a glass marker board as a gift for that person who has everything. A glass marker board is the perfect gift for your child’s teacher!

Kids love Glass Marker Boards! A glass marker board will be a gift a child can enjoy over and over again. Mom’s love them because of their easy clean up. No more chalk mess or the dreaded stains dry erase markers leave around the house.

Glass Marker board for home or office

Glass Marker Board

Why Choose a Glass Marker Board over dry-erase or chalk board?

  • Endless color options for your glass! You can easily coordinate the glass color with your home or office decor.
  • Glass marker boards always wipe clean! Dry-erase boards quickly look dirty with the build up of marker.  You can easily clean your glass marker board and it will always look shiny and brand new.
  • No chalk dust! Who wants chalk dust creating a constant mess? With chalk markers, designed for use on glass, you can get the best of both worlds!