It has been a LONG time since we have discussed mirrors, but I want to focus specifically on frames right now. Normally, we kind of tend to neglect frames around here, which is my fault really. I’m always focused on making sure you know the importance of Ultra Clear Mirror. Which I will not apologize for! But there are some very cool framing options out there that are really in with the style trends now. Here’s what I found about how frames can frame out your world

Wood Frames

Traditional. Classic. Easily Accessible.

Wood frames are what I would call, “the standard,” of frames – and you can find them pretty much anywhere. There are, as with anything, different tiers of wood frames, but for the most part, you can go out, find a frame, have a mirror installed into it if it didn’t come with one, and hang it on your wall.

If you are looking for a frame to go over the top of your existing mirror to hide any sort of black edge or antiquing, is the website I would suggest you check out. They have a large selection of flat back frames that can go right over the surface of your existing mirrors, and it’s a DIY project! is also a great website to check out wood frame options. Roma is a luxury line of framing made in Italy, and they make some pretty great wood frame options. Unlike the Mirrormate frames, most of the Roma frames have a lip for mirrors to be set into, so you can have a hanging mirror as opposed to one adhered to the wall.

White Back Painted Glass

Easily one of my favourite options for frames, white back painted glass is a super clean way to frame new or existing mirrors. However, I do strongly recommend new. And even stronger recommend Ultra Clear Low Iron Mirror.

White back painted glass is super sleek, glossy, and bright, which really pops in well-lit rooms.

The reason I stress using ultra clear mirror with white back painted glass IS because it’s white. White surfaces paired with standard clear glass really tends to bring out the green in its eyes, but not in a sexy way. The green colouration causes the mirror to take on a murky appearance, and that is not what we want. In using ultra clear mirror, you eliminate the green hue in the glass itself allowing for a clearer and brighter reflection.

Mirrored Frames

For those spaces where you need max reflection, but you still would like a framed look, mirror may be your best bet. In smaller areas, mirrors can help with the illusion of more space. The reflection helps “expand” the room. And there are a couple different ways we can go about this.

Coloured Mirror: Bronze, Grey, and other coloured mirror options allow for a distinct frame while also continuing a reflective surface.

Clear Mirror: Matching mirror (Clear or Ultra Clear) could be used as well for framing. Creating a super minimal look, you get more of the illusion of a frame, rather than a frame itself.

Bevel Strips: As much as I try to distance myself from bevel strips, they just keep coming back. Some may call them dated, others vintage. Classic is, I think, what suites them best. They do a great job of creating a framed look, whilst also keeping up with reflecting.

Metal Frames

This is one that we have been experimenting with quite a bit here at Builders Glass.

As simple and clean as a plate mirror on a wall can be, I can’t argue against the fact that they can come off as bland…

Personally, we like to use L-Channel either along the back, or the front of the mirror, to create minimalistic and simplistic framing. Think of it as the ever so soft touch of rouge on the cheeks.

There are two ways that L-Channel can be utilized to create either a framed look, or a finished edged look.

Framed: By turning L-channel onto the face of the mirror, we can create a minimalistic frame that just helps to boarder out your mirror. And because we are using channel, it can match your hardware, tying in your mirror with the rest of the space.

Finished Edge: When installing a plate mirror, we put them through our polishing machine to insure a beautiful smooth edge. In some instances, however, it may seem like the mirror needs a little something extra to just finish off that edge. Ergo, L-channel on the back of the mirror. By lining the mirror in L-channel, it really helps to solidify and finish off the exposed edge of your mirror.

Mosaic Frame

While something that we ourselves don’t install here, I still thought that it would be a good bit of information to include with the rest of these options. Because if you are going to consider frame options, why not consider them all right?

I have had a few clients come in recently looking for mirrors to be installed in mosaic vanity frames, and I was intrigued to say the least. By utilizing tile, a boarder on the wall can be made, and then a mirror inset into the opening. It’s a really creative way to tie in your accent tile in your shower or other parts of your bathroom.

It’s not necessarily a new trend, but it is definitely something that is being redone in a new way which is really cool to see. Pops of colour, different textures – it is a really cool way to create a unique feature where most people tend to stay basic, or standard.


It’s nice to know that when it comes to frames, you don’t necessarily have to stick to the two options that you think you might be limited to. For questions about different frame options, feel free to give us a call or stop by our showroom. But fair warning – you may get inspired.