Everyone has been home for a while, and when you stay in the same surroundings for so long, you start to really want to change things up. In the week that I’ve been back, I started to pick up on the patterns of what our clients are looking for – and it mostly revolves around ripping everything out of their homes and starting over. Believe me, you do not have to replace everything in order to make a room feel fresh, and we will get to that later, but it does feel kind of good. Vanity mirrors seem to be a real high-ranking target here, so we’re going to focus on everything you need to know about a mirror remodel for right now.


First things first – that old mirror, it has got to go.  You know it, I know, we are all on the same page here. It’s either too big, chipping and blackening around the edges or, heaven forbid, GREEN! I know, the horror. Whether replacing that mirror with another or just changing that space completely, there is something that we should ALL be wise to.

Mirror adhesive does not yield easily. I’m all for DIY but in this case, I seriously recommend that you leave the removal project to someone equipped to do so. Even for the best of us, there is no guarantee that that mirror won’t break, and you do not want to be under it. There is also the chance that the adhesive won’t want to part with your drywall very well either.

Mirror removals do not 100% lead to damage, but it’s good to keep in mind what could happen just in case. When remodeling, no surprises are good surprises.


Alright, so we’ve decided that old green mirror is out. Done. Next thing on our list is what size. What size is going to suit your needs best, and the style that you are looking for? Sizing is not going to be a one fits all. It’s going to heavily depend on your own individual space and what you are looking to accomplish.

For smaller areas, I suggest larger mirrors. My brother and I had to take down the hanging wall mirror in our bathroom to change out a light and, good god, that bathroom looked like the inside of a coffin without that mirror on the wall. Mirrors help to create the illusion of space, which is just the most amazing thing. Honestly, I’m not claustrophobic but I felt like I was when I realized how small my bathroom was. This tactic can also be used in kitchens and living rooms that just need to feel brighter and more open.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is such a thing as too much. As they say, all good things in moderation. Larger areas with a lot going on sometimes need to be broken up a little bit. Sometimes the most effective approach is to go simple. Two mirrors over a double vanity, or even just one single one over the sink. Reflecting back EVERYTHING can be a bit overwhelming.


I promise to keep this quick and simple. I promise!

Ultra Clear Mirrors. Ultra clear glass and mirrors have a low iron content that give them that really nice high def appearance with NO green. If you are doing a remodel. Go for quality. Do not go and buy cheap green mirrors or glass – it won’t look good. Go for Ultra Clear!

See, quick and simple.


There are so many different styles of mirrors to choose from. Once that you have settled on the fact that you are buying ultra clear mirrors (because you are), you can start thinking on style. You know roughly the size you want, and you know you’re getting a high-quality product, but do you want to go with just a plate mirror? What if it were round? Or arched?!

Mirrors do not have to be just plain sheets on a wall. Do I like that look? Yeah, I do, I think it’s clean. But that’s not the only option out there.

Round mirrors are super in right now. We have held so near and dear to us straight line designs the past decade, but alas, it’s time to break out of that square and roll a little. That sounded cooler in my head, I won’t lie to you.

Round and oval mirrors are dynamic shapes that really stand out on their own. A combo that has become really popular recently; round vanity mirrors with industrial grid showers all tied together with white subway tiles. The balance between the straight lines and the round mirrors really make a fun environment.

Light ‘Em Up!

Besides sconces and ceiling lights, sometimes we need a little extra help. To you makeup gurus out there I’m sure you appreciate a good lit area. I know nothing about makeup but, I can understand WHY because when I do try, my frustration with shadows are real.

In walks the electric mirror to brighten our lives. Yay lights!

Electric mirrors come in all sorts of shapes sizes and styles! So we are in no way limited to what can be accomplished here. And with the help of LED lights, these mirrors quite literally outshine the competition. As in literally.

They have some really cool upgrades too. Built in TVs, dimmable lights, defoggers, these things have all sorts of fun options. If you want to know more about electric mirrors, I’ll link them here.


It’s later!

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. Remodels do not need to be full demolition jobs. I now, crazy right? Tweaking little things and small details can lead to a huge difference. It may even help you save on some of your smaller projects so that you can focus on those really big remodel projects.

Some mirrors just need a little extra love around the edges. Antique mirror is certainly a look people pay big money for, but black edges are not exactly what we are aiming at. For those black edges, hide them with different types of frame options!

Bevel strips are a classic style that have been used for… a long time now. Do you get what I’m hinting at? Yes, people still want the installed as a fix for black mirrors, and that’s great! But I can’t help noticing that they are beginning to look a little dated. They are a good option for adhering to the surface of your existing mirror for a new look, but there are other style choices that are more up to date.

Roma: Roma frames are a high end, high quality, line of frames crafted in Italy. These wood frames come in all sorts of styles, designs, and colours! Bringing colour back to the forefront is a big topic in 2020 Design Trends, and frames are a good way to add a splash of colour. It also helps that they can be attached to the front of your existing mirrors.

White Glass:For something super cleaned up and polished, white glass is a wonder and a half. Seriously, I am head over heels for this design. First off, they’re white so they go with anything. Anything? Yes anything. Same as the bevel strips, and the Roma frames, these glass pieces can be adhered to the front of your existing mirror to hide those blackening edges.

Mirror on Mirror:For most mirror “fixes,” you end up sacrificing mirror space in the end. You couldn’t see a reflection in the black edges anyways, but when something solid is put over those edges, it just reinforces that your mirror is now smaller than it was before. By adding mirror as the frame over your mirror, you still get that reflective surface. And you don’t have to put plain mirror over your existing mirror either. Bronze, grey, and other colours can be used to incorporate a colour into your design!

Mirror care

So, you have finally finished your mirror remodel, and everything looks just as good, if not better, than you imagined! Congratulations! Now, we want to keep these new mirrors looking great for the long haul, especially since you just put those really pretty ULTRA CLEAR mirrors in. We wouldn’t want any black edges or anything like that.

My biggest recommendation when it comes to mirror care is to not use cleaning products with ammonia in them on your mirrors. Ammonia eats away at the silvering on the back of your mirror, and we don’t want that. What I highly suggest is Hi-Sheen. It’s the glass cleaner that we use on a daily basis. With its low ammonia formula, Hi-Sheen is safe to use on your mirrors. Against anything else though, Hi-Sheen will absolutely win, I’ve tested it myself. Even wrote a blog post on it. The stuff is WILD.

Mirror remodels come with a slew of questions. Often after you’ve decided that you want to remodel in the first place. So if you need help sorting through options and figuring out your best course of action, give us a call or come see us in our showroom to get inspired!