What is a Floating Mirror? Most vanity mirrors are glued directly to the drywall, resting on the backsplash. Consider a floating vanity mirror for a more contemporary look. Designers love floating mirrors for the added depth and dimension they provide. A Floating mirror installation is completely customizable! For a more dramatic effect the mirror can be floating 4-6″ off the wall. To create a subtle effect 1″ is a great depth to float the mirror out.

floating mirror

If you want to take your floating mirror to the next level, it’s all about the lighting. When the mirror is set off the wall, it allows for lighting to be hidden behind the mirror. This is the ultimate custom look for your floating mirror!

A floating mirror installation is a custom one and only an experienced professional should be hired for the job. Be sure to ask lots of questions when choosing the right glass contractor. We have been installing floating mirror for over 15 years and invested the time to develop the optimal installation guidelines. A custom mounting must be pre-built at the desired depth. Adhering the mirror to the mounting box is critical! Traditional mirror mastic is not compatible with a floating mirror install due to the 30 day cure time. Imagine admiring your new floating mirror to find the glass sliding down the wall! Floating mirrors are prefabricated in our facility using a fast cure adhesive and glaziers tape. Once the mirror and box have been fabricated and assembled, the mirror stays in our shop until it has had time to cure.

Floating mirror installed

What about the side of the mirror, will I be able to see the mounting box? 

We have various options to hide the mounting box. Painting the box is usually sufficient. Most clients choose black, but painting it the same color as your wall is also an option.

The more the mirror stands off the wall, the greater the chance you will be able to see behind it. We have found the best way to make the box disappear is adding a mirror piece to the sides.