I’m here to make a really quick announcement before I go back to writing my “regularly scheduled” blog. For anyone looking for Covid Guards, you’re in luck!

If you’ve been out and about the past few months, you’ve most likely encountered – the Covid Guard.

These plexi type, plastic barriers (when have I ever talked about plastic anything on the blog), at check out counters help businesses offer and maintain that extra layer of protection. And our suppliers are offering them to us now. Yes! Now you too can have your very own Covid Guard! They are ALL the rage in 2020 Design Trends.

Jokes aside, these plastic barriers have shown to be quite effective in helping to minimize accidental contact with customers. Whether that be by touch or cough! And, as we discovered here in our showroom, they are super easy to assemble and install. Yay for DIY!

The guard itself is a flat piece of plastic, either with or without a little space at the bottom for items to be passed between cashier and customer, that stand with two detachable, flat plastic legs. We ordered a sample for here in our showroom and it was SO easy to assemble. And it’s not flimsy either. These Covid Guards feel pretty solid once they are assembled.

Covid Guards come in all sorts of different styles and sizes, so if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or even come see us in our showroom! Even in these really odd times that we are going through, you can still get inspired.