When we live in small places, we have to make the best of it by using space effectively, and creating the illusion of more space is ideal. But no one wants to compromise on something as important as their TVs, especially during football season. Hidden TV Mirrors are a perfect option! Condensing two into one, Hidden TV Mirrors allow you to have a mirror and a TV without cramping your wall space. These unique mirrors can be installed over your vanity, in a bedroom, in the living room, or wherever you watch TV. We handle everything form the fabrication to the installation – all you have to do is pick a frame and tell us where you want it!

How it Works

Two Way Mirror is the man behind the curtain in this magic act. We install it in a frame that hangs over your TV set successfully turning your TV into a functional mirror. As soon as you turn your TV on, the mirror virtually disappears leaving you with the same clean picture you would have if there was nothing there at all! We have one hidden in our showroom, so be sure to come in and visit us to see if you can find it!

Hidden vanity mirror