I’m honestly still amazed that we’ve reached this point. We have traversed our way not only through a new year, but a whole decade, and the amount of change that has occurred is astounding. There were some key points for us here at Builders Glass of Bonita that really shaped our year, and as we are closing out 2019, I would really love to just highlight some of our best moments.

Windows and Doors

First off, I think one of the biggest changes to our company this year was our step away from windows and doors. After thirty years of being in the business, Builders Glass has decided to close our doors on our windows and doors department. And to be quite honest, it’s one of the best things that we could have done. Not that we didn’t enjoy doing windows and doors but there are definitely things that we like to focus on more. Such as wine cellars. We like wine cellars.

But with closing our windows and doors department, we really do get to focus and expand on some really cool projects. Which is exactly what we did throughout 2019.

Wine Rooms

We’re really proud of wine rooms. Honestly, installing wine rooms is something that allows us to be so creative and work with the client on these kinds of projects. One that really stood out to us this year was a free standing, four full sides of Ultra Clear glass, twelve foot beast of a wine enclosure, all tied together with cable wine racking. I will allow you a moment to process how awesome it is.

We’ve also done quite a few wine cellars that incorporated back painted glass into the design. Back painted glass as a back feature wall really makes a bold, glossy statement, and became something of a recurring theme for us this past year – a theme that I hope carries over into 2020.

We also really nailed in using Ultra Clear glass for our wine cellars. We’ve installed more Ultra Clear enclosures than standard clear and that’s a super huge plus.

Vintage View also took a huge part of the main stage. If you haven’t heard of Vintage View wine racking 1) you’re missing out and 2) you should read my vintage view blog from earlier this year that I’ll link right here.

Ultra Clear

Speaking of bringing home Ultra Clear glass for most of our wine enclosures – if I’ve said it once I’ve said it 300 times this year – ULTRA CLEAR GLASS AND MIRROR IS THE WAY TO GO. Do not go discolouring your tiles and reflections with green glass and mirror!

Ok! I’ve said it! I’ve said 301 times now! If you are going to do any kind of renovation or install do NOT gyp yourself short at the glass! Just don’t do it! I don’t want to see green glass in 2020 ok!

I believe my point has been made we will be moving on now.

Deco Glass

I have always kind of… not ignored deco glass but – ignored deco glass in the past. HOWEVER! We found quite a few ways to utilize the effects of deco glass in order to create some very new, very creative, uses for it.

My all time favourite would be deco glass over coloured mirror. We created a whole feature wall for a client that was blue mirror behind Taffeta glass. The ripples of the deco glass reflect back in the coloured mirror creating both a colourful and dimensional feature piece that really catches the eye.

Another application – back painted deco glass. Now this one is a little tricky because deco glass doesn’t come in Ultra Clear, so if you paint it white the colour will show either blue or greenish. But we did install it for a client on a very interesting job where we used arched back painted deco glass with holes drilled into it to display blown glass art pieces. Really, it’s something to see.

Mirror Art

I think what I have loved most about this whole year is how creative we have been able to be here at work. We have started to really see what we can do with glass, and our fabricators have gone above and beyond to challenge themselves in creating new works of art.

And yes, it is art.

I sit directly across from the first piece that we created last year which was the Mondrian Mirror wall in our showroom. Composed of various antique mirrors and coloured mirrors, this really sparked the fuse of the art bomb for us. Since then we have installed various versions of the Mondrian Mirrors for clients.

One of our fabricators has also created the ultra cool geometric mirrors we have in our showroom. And we’re not done. As long as we can keep pushing the boundaries, there will always be something new and unique coming from Builders Glass.

Our Staff

We definitely deserve our own highlight spot here for our amazing staff. We have – had our struggles throughout the year. But we’ve also had some pretty amazing moments of coming together that have made our team stronger than ever.

We have some new faces that we have welcomed to our team, and some old ones that aren’t with us anymore. But I do have to say that with all the changes that have occurred, we have come out on top. In our times of struggle, everyone has really stepped up to the plate to help shoulder the weight and get the job done. And because we are all rarely in the same place at the same time due to our crews going out and accomplishing the amazing installs our company is known for, our small times together are something that we all look forward to.

Every year we have our holiday Christmas lunch (which is by far my favourite event of the year), and this year was a little different from the others. I mean, each year it’s unique but there was just something really – special about this year. We’ve had a very busy, and if we are honest, challenging, season this year. But instead of bringing our stresses to the table, there was nothing but laughs and a good time.

Speeches were said, toasts were made, acknowledgements and accolades were given – we just had a really fun time together which is something that we don’t always take the time to do.

I’m pretty sure I said it in last year’s closing statement, but I’ll say it again here. This is the only place that I have ever worked that really does feel like you’re surrounded by friends. Dare I say even family. Yeah, family.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know I’m getting all sappy and sentimental – bite me. But it’s true! And I think it’s by far one of the most unique things about this company. We’re a pretty tight knit gang that enjoys working together.

So in closing out 2019, on behalf of our family here at Builders Glass of Bonita, I want to thank you for being a part of our journey thus far. We’ve got another adventure ahead of us, so make sure you come in and see us in our showroom and get inspired! We’ll see you next year.