Hi! How’s your day going? Oh, that’s good, that’s good! Great! I’m doing pretty ok myself, but I don’t know. You see, I have these friends. And they haven’t heard about Vintage View Wine Racking yet, and it’s really bumming me out. I feel bad about it and I feel like I need to do something about it and this is actually an intervention. Friends. 🙂

Vintage View

Now that I have your undivided attention – we take enormous pride in our Glass Wine Enclosures, and when it comes to our clients, we only like to provide the best options. And that’s where Vintage View comes in.

Hey Vintage View!!

Their wine racking combines both form and function to create unique options for you and your wine. There’s a little something for everyone! From floor to ceiling racks, to pegs; whether you’re creating a whole wine room or a simple yet elegant wine wall, wine racking is a huge detail to consider. And most of the time greatly overlooked – a shame really. So, why don’t we go over a couple of options, yeah?

To learn more about our friends over at Vintage View, you can check out their website linked right… about… where did it go? Wait, where did it… Oh wait – HERE!

Found it!

Floor to Ceiling Racks

vintage view floor to ceiling framesBy far we install these the most in our wine enclosures.

Floor to ceiling frames provide a mounting space when there isn’t a wall to mount to. A great solution for an all glass wine enclosure like pictured above!

When it comes to wanting a more luxurious and fuller look, floor to ceiling racks fill that space as well. The solid lines of these racks help to create a super sturdy look for your wine, and are great in enclosures that you want for serious storage. The final install just looks more custom, compared to mounting the racks directly on the wall.

These types of racks are great for areas both Large and Small. Here in our showroom, we use them in our under the stair cellar. We’ve also used them for our massive, mega cellars.

Because of their ability to be used in both large and small projects, they make for the most universal option.

But just because they can work for everyone, doesn’t mean that that needs to be your only option.

Wall Mount Racking

wall mounted rackingLike floor to ceiling racking, wall mounted racking has the same look and appeal, except that they are installed directly on your wall. We love how the bottles appear to be floating.

*Excited squeal*

Speaking of floating, I want to go back to talking about Back Lit Floating Mirrors, but that’s a blog for another time.

Vintage View Wall mount racking with mirrorWhat I like about wall mounts are how easily they can be used to effectively fill a niche area. One of my favorite wine walls that we have installed, and one of the prettiest, is a niche that utilizes wall mounted racking and ultra clear mirror.

You… you know I’ve mentioned this one before.

The wall mounted racking coupled with the Ultra Clear Mirror filling in all the gaps and spaces between the racking creates the ultimate illusion of floating wine bottles.

Very sparkly.

Very cool looking.

A simple yet sophisticated design.

Peg Board

So first off, I would like to state that this is one of my favorite Vintage View looks. Why? LOOK AT IT!!

When I think of wine, wood also comes to mind. Ya know, like old traditional wine cellar kind of wood. But these aren’t your traditional wood boards.

What I really like about these boards is that they echo back to traditional wine cellars while keeping both feet firmly planted in modern design (There are some GREAT examples of this on Vintage View’s website – linked above).

They’re versatile, having the ability to be used in a traditional setting, as well as a modern one, and can be arranged to your specific design needs.

Contemporary? Go with a darker wood look.

Modern? Liven it up with a light wood color or a warm walnut brown.

Each row of pegs can be made to accommodate one, two, even three bottles of wine! Personally I prefer the single and double bottle racking, but that’s my own glass to wine over.

…I need someone to stop me from making really bad jokes.


peg wine racksOk, now these are really something.

The peg boards keep the pegs confined in a square area. Which is nice if you want to keep everything uniform and organized. But what if you could put the pegs wherever you want? We’re thinking outside the box here gang!

Pegs are GREAT when wanting to do a super custom look and design. One of the coolest ones I’ve seen from Vintage View is a Disney inspired Mickey Wall.

Yeah it’s as epic as it sounds.

Created with Cork Forward Pegs, because no you are not confined to the realm of label forward racking, this unique design really stands out. By using Cork Forward Pegs, lines can be  created, distinguishing out shapes, designs, iconic cartoon mice – I think it’s the coolest way to create a unique feature piece using wine racking!

Well, I feel better now!

So glad that we could have this little discussion, and I REALLY hope that you look further into Vintage View Wine Racking. Honestly, they’re the best option for wine racking in your ULTRA CLEAR GLASS ENCLOSED WINE CELLAR.

If you would like to see some of their products and what we can do for your future wine project, come visit us in our showroom and get inspired!