Mirror Walls: Reflect More

Mirrors are great tools of design and masters of manipulation. They help to both bring light in, and make small spaces feel much larger. I really like the idea of mirror walls, and there are so many ways of creating more interesting mirror walls. You don’t have to go with a giant sheet of mirror [...]

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Accent Glass: It’s the Little Things

So, I’ve come to the point in writing these blogs that I’m starting to feel repetitive - and I don’t want that!! So to change it up slightly, while still keeping a strong focus on the glass, I’m going to tell you guys about MY personal favorite decorative and accent glass. Because the blog is [...]

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Striptiles!! – A DIY Antique Mirror Project

Break open the wine ladies and gents - we’re talking about antique mirror tiles today! What I REALLY love about our antique mirror tiles is, 1) we ship them all over the country and, 2) you can install them yourself!! Antique mirror tiles are one of those things that just make me really happy. Completing [...]

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October is Table Top Season!

October is here and it’s time to get spooky! But not everything happening in October needs to be a fright fest - like getting a new glass table top. October is our biggest month for table tops. Why? Not quite sure, but October is definitely table top month, so here’s some of our most frequently [...]

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Windows and Sliders: When and Why to Replace Them

Take a moment to think of the last thing that could possibly be on your mind in your home. No, the other thing besides when the last time you cleaned out your attic was. Windows and sliders are the most neglected part of many homes. And it really is a shame because forsaking your windows [...]

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Fall Glass Ideas – FALL Into Love With Glass

HAHA Yup! I’m trying to use that super cliché retail slogan. The kids are all back in school, football season is in full swing, and it’s still hot and rainy here in SWFL. Now, while September 22 is still a month out, that gives us all ample time to go over Fall glass ideas and [...]

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Glorious Mis-Adventures from the Showroom: Royal Blue

“So this one time, in the showroom…” We’ve all got a story that starts out like that around here. And I think it’s high time that we start sharing our Glorious Mis-Adventures from the Showroom with you! A common theme about all of us here about Builders Glass is that we are all very passionate [...]

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DIY Glass Projects: What YOU Can Do

Besides what we can do for you here at Builders Glass, there are some really cool and fun projects that you can do with glass at home! DIY glass projects can be a great activity for parties, as gifts, or even just for things around the house. That and I really really really want to [...]

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Choosing Where to Put Your Wine Cellar: Location! Location! Location!

Traditionally wine cellars yada yada yada - been there, done that, NEXT! We don’t do “typical”, “standard”, or “traditional” here at Builders Glass. Everyone else does, and that’s great for them! But we’re all about pushing boundaries, expanding horizons, and breaking through barriers to create new "standards" in the glass industry. And what’s a more [...]

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Showroom Face Lift! – You Haven’t Seen THIS Before

If you haven't been to our showroom in this brand new month of August, then you've never been! Over the past two weeks, we have renovated our entire showroom to present you with the best displays of new glass materials to date. Glass Floor Sparkly, clean, bright - all qualities of a terrific tile floor! [...]

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