Covid Guards

I’m here to make a really quick announcement before I go back to writing my “regularly scheduled” blog. For anyone looking for Covid Guards, you’re in luck! If you’ve been out and about the past few months, you’ve most likely encountered – the Covid Guard. These plexi type, plastic barriers (when have I ever talked [...]

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Mirror Remodel: What You Need to Know

Everyone has been home for a while, and when you stay in the same surroundings for so long, you start to really want to change things up. In the week that I’ve been back, I started to pick up on the patterns of what our clients are looking for – and it mostly revolves around [...]

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2020 Glass Wine Enclosures

If you read my blog on 2020 design trends, THIS is the forth coming wine enclosure blog I spoke of. And if you haven’t read my 2020 design trends blog, I’ll make it easy for you and link it right HERE because that’s a good one if you want to see how and where glass [...]

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2020 Design Trends

We did it! We made it, we have arrived, we have successfully crossed over from one decade to the next; great work team! However, some trends have not. And though we are still VERY new into 2020 – I am seeing a lot of “2020 trends” articles being released already. Now full disclosure real quick [...]

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Closing Out 2019

I’m honestly still amazed that we’ve reached this point. We have traversed our way not only through a new year, but a whole decade, and the amount of change that has occurred is astounding. There were some key points for us here at Builders Glass of Bonita that really shaped our year, and as we [...]

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Glass and Mirrors for Cabinets

So we have definitely discussed Glass and Mirrors for Cabinets previously, but it has been a REALLY long time and I think it deserves a revisit. Mostly because I have been looking at kitchen renovations lately and feel like tearing out everything in my house now. But since I don’t REALLY want to do that [...]

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NOT hot 2019

So, we have done two Hot or Not 2019 blogs already, but in those two blogs we focused heavily on the hots… but not the NOTS. Because focusing on the negatives can be a major drag. But alas! We cannot have the positives without the negatives, so lets check out the dark side of glass [...]

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2019: Hot or Not Part TWO!

Told you guys I would get around to making a 2019 Hot or Not Part TWO! We’re halfway through the year, but there are still some things to consider as we are going into the back half of the year. Back Painted Glass Raise your hand if you’ve made a mess on your kitchen backsplash [...]

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Vanity Style

Mirror mirror on the wall - what style should you be in? Vanity mirrors come not only in all different shapes and sizes, but styles too. So which Vanity Style is right for you? Clear vs Low Iron Mirror Before we pass go and collet $200, we are going to come back here to the [...]

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