Fall Glass Ideas – FALL Into Love With Glass

HAHA Yup! I’m trying to use that super cliché retail slogan. The kids are all back in school, football season is in full swing, and it’s still hot and rainy here in SWFL. Now, while September 22 is still a month out, that gives us all ample time to go over Fall glass ideas and [...]

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DIY Glass Projects: What YOU Can Do

Besides what we can do for you here at Builders Glass, there are some really cool and fun projects that you can do with glass at home! DIY glass projects can be a great activity for parties, as gifts, or even just for things around the house. That and I really really really want to [...]

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Choosing Where to Put Your Wine Cellar: Location! Location! Location!

Choosing your wine cellar location. Traditionally wine cellars yada yada yada - been there, done that, NEXT! We don’t do “typical”, “standard”, or “traditional” here at Builders Glass. Everyone else does, and that’s great for them! But we’re all about pushing boundaries, expanding horizons, and breaking through barriers to create new "standards" in the glass [...]

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Glass Fabrication – A Behind the Scenes Glance

Glass Fabrication   Here at Builders Glass, we hand cut glass and mirror, as you well know. But the processor glass fabrication cutting is a little more complicated than what most consumers realize. First and foremost, we know that glass is fragile and breaks quite easily. But getting glass to break in a straight line is [...]

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Window Options: Your View is What you Make it

Various Window Options at Builders Glass Typically, it’s thought that a window, is a window, is a window - that it's basically just a piece of glass put in your wall for both ventilation and light. But that is a huge under estimation of what your windows are and what they are capable of. They’re [...]

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Safety Glass

What is considered Safety Glass? Believe it or not, most questions that we get here at Builders Glass has something to do with safety glass. Families  who want glass tops for coffee tables but also want to ensure their kids' safety always ask the right questions, but there are some things that we would like [...]

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Glass in Home Design

Why Glass? Glass is sleek, elegant, and a versatile material that can be used in many different formats. Glass doesn’t dull or lose it’s luster, but many of us still hesitate when it comes to using it in our homes. Glass is a wonderful medium that can be used as a creative and unique substitute [...]

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Decorative Glass Options – The Sky’s the Limit

There’s so much more than you know… Most of the time when we think of glass, we picture clear, sleek, practically invisible material either protecting a surface or encasing a space. And that’s mostly what we see in our everyday lives. But there is SO much more to glass than that. Glass doesn’t always have [...]

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