Decorative Glass Options – The Sky’s the Limit

There’s so much more than you know… Most of the time when we think of glass, we picture clear, sleek, practically invisible material either protecting a surface or encasing a space. And that’s mostly what we see in our everyday lives. But there is SO much more to glass than that. Glass doesn’t always have [...]

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Creative Antique Mirror Ideas

Creative Antique Mirror Design Our Handmade Antique Mirror is one of our highest selling products, and for good reason. The incorporation of colors in mirror add another depth and dimension, and make the reflective surface more interesting. Antique mirror helps to accent styles and bring out colors that otherwise would be lost in a room, [...]

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Ultra Clear Mirror – The Clearer Choice

Builders Glass has always tried to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s new and in style in the glass world. But aside from that, we feel that quality goes above anything else. I mean, while Type Writers are amazing, and aesthetically pleasing to some of us writers out there, would you [...]

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Modern vs Contemporary Mirrors

What IS modern? We live in a world where every decade from every century collides giving us unique styles and designs pulling from every faction of human ingenuity. But what is really considered MODERN now a days? Is it modern to be retro? Is chrome and back lighting truly the way of the future like [...]

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Artisan Glass Counter Tops

Whenever we start to look for unique glass designs we become so enamored by the beautiful colorful swirls and shapes of artisan blown glass and other creative glass designs. Now, we don’t deal with stained or blown glass, but we get our fill from looking at exquisite, custom made, artisan glass counter tops! The countertops [...]

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Bathroom Renovations: Showers and Mirrors

Bathroom Renovations: Everything You Need to Consider Everyone knows that renovating anything can be a complete and utter nightmare, but so much goes into redoing a bathroom that it is beyond overwhelming. And the design possibilities are literally endless! Everything from the tile, the plumbing, cabinets, and the color scheme of things - where does [...]

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Trendsetting Glass Design Projects

Creative Glass Ideas If you’ve been keeping up with our blog posts, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been experimenting with innovative and creative glass designs. We love discovering all the different ways that we can mix it up with glass, and we’ve come across some truly beautiful and interesting features. If you’re looking to do [...]

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All Glass Wine Room?

Single Pane Glass for a Wineroom? What about Climate control?  All Glass Wine Room? What type of glass for wine storage?  Search no more. Expert answers to your questions about designing an exquisite, custom wine showcase displayed in a Glass Wine Cellar or Room. Builders Glass specializes in creating a one of a kind all Glass Wine [...]

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Hurricane Doors and Windows

Hurricane Doors and Windows, It's not too Late! Living in Florida, we have beautiful weather and sun to entertain guests in and relax. But we also have severe thunderstorms and hurricanes that can cause damage to our homes - especially our lanai enclosures and windows. Thunderstorms with heavy gusting winds don’t provide enough time, nor [...]

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Colored Mirror

Colored Mirror Mirrors often get boiled down to Clear, Ultra Clear, and Antique Mirror. And we really do love our ultra clear mirror and our Antique Mirror is so sexy. But there is a whole other category of mirror that gets vastly overlooked – COLORED! Our homes can become a lot of black, white, grey, [...]

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