So in a recent and sudden and kind of weird turn of events – Framed Showers are… in?

Yeah, I was a tad bit confused as well but hey, it’s happening! And I’m just glad that we’ve already had the ball rolling here at Builders Glass with the Grid Showers! Since my very recent blog introducing Grid Showers to Builders Glass, they have really caught fire. No seriously! We have some in the works right now and it is exciting! The other framed shower option that we have available now are Solid Brass framed steam showers. It’s ironic really. We start looking into providing a new option for clients and all of a sudden designers start asking for them. OR, you could be proactive and suggest it to YOUR designer… 🙂

Just kidding (no I’m not). Not trying to get you in trouble here (it’ll be cool). Frameless clear showers are fine (don’t you dare use regular clear glass, ultra clear only, and try a grid shower they’re great)!


A Rise to Frame

You all are very, VERY, aware of how attached we are to frameless showers here. BUT! Frames are rising. But not those cheap, god ugly, gold ones. Ew…

No, in all seriousness, Grid Showers are blowing up. They’ve become so popular that we are building a display for it in our showroom!!

The reason for the recent rise in framed showers has to do with the idea of showers themselves. Mostly, showers are kind of tossed to the background, meant to blend in and not be seen – which is why it is still beyond me why people settle for regular clear, green hued glass like, come on people. But now, we are seeing showers being used as a focal point in bathrooms, meant to stand out and assert their presence! With these two different styles of showers, comes two different looks and aesthetics so, let’s dive in and compare your options shall we?

Ugh, that sounded like a sales lead – this is a blog post! I’M SORRY!

Entering the Grid-Scape

I’m starting to get pretty enthralled with these new industrial grid showers. Especially now as we are starting to build a display for it here in our Showroom. It’s kind of like… you don’t know what you don’t know until you finally see it, and it just *snaps fingers* clicks.

The reason that I really like this style of shower is that it carries a definite presence with it. It adds character and interests and goes with subway tiles seamlessly. Those two combined are a match made in shower heaven – you’ll see when our display is finished in our showroom.

Showers for a while now have followed the “less is more” rule. Not only do these gridded showers break that mold, but they obliterate style stigmas with varied options and approaches.

The Original – This is what you think of when someone says “grid shower”. This is the next step from a frameless shower into trying a stylistically tasteful framed shower (because yes, there are most DEFINITELY those framed showers that are NOT good). These gridded enclosures can be installed as a swing door and fixed panel, a single swing panel, French doors, a sliding door with fixed panel, or as a fixed panel without a door. All of them look awesome if I do say so.

Horizon Grid – Some don’t like the full grid look. Understandable, but get this. The, what I’m calling the Horizon Grid shower enclosure emphasizes the horizontal lines of the shower and minimizing the verticals. They are available in a swing door with a fixed panel, a single swing panel, French doors, a sliding door with fixed panel, a sliding panel, and a fixed panel. It’s definitely the style of shower to try and broaden your horizons.

The Synthesis – A hybrid between framed and unframed, the Synthesis grid creates a really unique and dynamic look. While clearly defining a shower, the effect it has due to its build grabs your attention. It’s kind of like that one piece of art at an exhibit were the more you look at it the more interesting it gets. With a frameless style door and then framed in panels, it kind of carries an abstract look.

The Art Series – My personal favorites! I mean, they are all really cool, but these are truly unique. Including stylistic designs such as the Palisade, the Paradigm, and the (near and dear to us here at Builders Glass due to our mirror adventures) the Mondrian which yes, does indeed utilize a colored piece of glass. Each of these showers are a swing door with a fixed panel, and each are amazing in their own right.

Barn Door Grid – Oh yeah, we’ve got a huge selection of barn door options now. With three style selections, you can take your sliding barn door game up to the next level. Available in the original grid, horizon, and framed styles, there’s something for everyone!

Another bonus when it comes to the grid showers is options for mirrors. Grid frames to match your showers create a balanced and complete look throughout the bathroom. For more points on Grid Showers, check out my previous blog post linked here.

Back to the Brass

A new introduction to you from us here at Builders Glass – Solid Brass Framed showers! I’m still gathering information on these new showers, so you can most definitely expect for them to have their own blog post in the near future. But this is what I’ve got for you right now!

Brass is back in the frame everyone – but not like those – ya now what, YOU know which ones I try to steer you away from, I’m not going to say it again. Read any blog post on showers I’ve written in the past year – you KNOW. So, disregarding THOSE showers, these new brass ones are pretty sleek.

The key difference between the industrial grid and these brass enclosures is really style and aesthetic. As in the name, the grid showers are a bit more industrial with a heavier and sturdier look, where as the brass framed ones are a little softer and yield more of a regal, or elegant, persona. And they’re shiny. Shiny is good. They’re great in bathrooms that get a lot of natural light.

One of the key features that I find really separates the brass framed showers from the rest of the pack are their transom steam vents. Yup! These enclosures are steam showers, and have a really cool option for a transom steam vent.

And as for frame options for mirrors, we’ve got you there too. L-channel can be used just to polish off the edges of your mirrors, or you could go with something a little different – a white back painted glass frame. Just as the grid showers and white subway tiles go hand in hand, white painted glass frames and these brass showers fit together well. Again, it’s the very clean, yet soft look.

There’s a lot changing here at Builders Glass and I’m happy to share this information with you! Want more information so that you can get started on your next home project? Give us a call or come stop into our showroom and get inspired!