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Back Painted Vs Mirror Backsplash

*Stadium Voice* A battle for the ages, glass vs glass, BACK PAINTED VS MIRROR BACKSPLASH!!! Alright, I’ll stop being dramatic but - come on that was a good lead in. We use both Back Painted Glass and Mirrors for kitchen backsplashes but, which one is… better? Now while it does come down to personal preference [...]

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Accent Glass: It’s the Little Things

So, I’ve come to the point in writing these blogs that I’m starting to feel repetitive - and I don’t want that!! So to change it up slightly, while still keeping a strong focus on the glass, I’m going to tell you guys about MY personal favorite decorative and accent glass. Because the blog is [...]

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Back Painted Glass Applications

Back Painted Glass Newly painted walls add a fresh, clean feeling to any room, and there are a lot of different options when it comes to colors, patterns, and styles. But paint can dull over time and the color turns stale. Builder’s Glass has come up with a modern, versatile solution to keep colors for [...]

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Back Painted Glass: Your Questions Answered

Back-Painted Glass: Your Questions, Answered! My back painted glass journey started about ten years ago a supplier brought me a sample of Dreamwalls – ultra-clear glass with the back completed coated with white paint. He assured me that the trend was hot in Europe, Australia, and New York but, it seemed a little ahead of [...]

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