Electric Mirror is the official Lighted Mirror. Electric Mirror is the original  lighted mirror. Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. is excited to partner with  Electric Mirror as a showroom Dealer. We invite you to Visit our Glass Design Center in Bonita Springs. Seeing it in person is a must. It’s truly stunning!

Lighted Mirror Circle Eternity Electric Mirror


Integrity electric lighted mirror

We chose to display the Integrity™™ Lighted Mirror in our Glass Design Center. The Integrity™™ Lighted Mirror has a band of frosted light inset from the border. This Electric Mirror comes in seven standard sizes, and has many custom upgrade options.

Electric lighted Mirror integrity

The Electric Mirror is the first thing people gravitate towards when they walk through the door. It is a frameless design that floats off the wall. The floating aspect adds dimension and a contemporary feel. Backlit mirrors are the future, available now! Designers and architects have increasingly been requesting backlit mirrors in recent years. We now have the answer! We chose a standard size for our showroom display. There are many convenient sizes available from Electric mirror. The  36″ x 42″ size is perfect for a bathroom vanity mirror.

integrity lighted mirror

The high quality lighting in the mirror is instantly visible. The Electric Mirror is nice and bright. The functional lighting is perfect for applying make-up or getting that close shave. A dimmable option can be added. This high tech mirror is available with all the latest technology options.

It is a statement maker. Friends and visitors are sure to be asking “Where did you get that mirror?” You can even add a TV, integrated right into the mirror!  This high tech mirror is available with all the latest technology options.

Silhouette™™ is a Lighted Mirror with a hidden LED HDTV, has a band of frosted light around the border. The Silhouette™™ is available  in nine standard sizes. It also has many custom upgrade options.

Lighted mirror with tv frosted band

Available Options-

  • Framed or Frameless
  • Mirror Defogger
  • Dimming Technology – $600
  • Integrated TV
  • Ambient Night Light
  • Various shapes including rectangles, squares or circles

You’ve seen them in the finest hotels across the world. Now you can have the same hotel quality electric mirror in your home. Light up your bathroom with Electric Mirror. At Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc., we believe in Intentional Design. The Electric Mirror represents exactly that.

Visit ElectricMirror  to see the many styles and sizes available.