Frame your Mirror

Framed vanity mirrors

We now have Framed Mirrors at Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc.. Do you already have a mirror? Now you can Frame your  existing Mirror. 

We saw the design trend moving towards framed mirrors, and knew we wanted to offer this service to our clients. At Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc., our goal is to be the Industry Leader. We strive to stay ahead of the glass and design trends, and that meant offering Framed mirrors.  It make sense that it was time to customize the look of a wall to wall vanity mirror. For as long as I can remember, the ‘go to’ option if a client wanted to add framing to their vanity mirrors was by adding beveled strips. Over the past few years I started to sell less of this option, and started noticing Designers  using Framed mirror in their bathroom vanity design. Sounds like a great idea, until you head out shopping with the size you need to discover you have been to every store in town and no one has anything close to the size.

Despite the original  challenges  faced when looking for a framed vanity mirror, now we can make it easier for you than ever! To see some of our options for frames, you can go HERE
Mirrormate framed vanity mirror


framed vanity mirrors naples

When it comes to home and interior design, we all know that styles change. What once was ‘the look’, is no longer the look. Fortunately mirrors will always have a place in interior design. They offer both functionality and a design element.

brown and gold framed mirror

Adding a frame to your vanity mirror or wall mirror adds a lot of bang for your buck. You won’t believe the impact a frame can add to the look of your bathroom.  Out of all the services we offer at Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc., we see this as one of the easiest upgrades you can do in your bathroom. No demolition, or remodeling necessary.

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