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Glass wine cellar doors frameless vintage view metal racking

Frameless Glass Wine Cellar and Vintage View Label Forward Racking, The Moorings in Naples, Fl

If you enjoy browsing the pages of Houzz, you have likely seen the newest Wine Cellar Design – the all Glass Frame-less Glass Wine Cellar or Closet. Builders Glass is an Industry Leader in Wine Storage Design.  How could we not be passionate about these stunning features?  A Wine Cellar should be a focal point in a home. Adding an all Glass Wine Room Enclosure or Door is something you definitely want to consider when planning for your wine cellar. Why hide your wine collection behind closed doors? With a Glass wine cellar, you can let your wine collection be the focal point of your home and the envy of your neighbors! We are the Glass Wine Cellar Experts! We have spent years researching, testing, and installing Glass Wine Rooms. We have invested the time, engineering an all glass system that will keep your wine collection protected in a temperature controlled environment. We are also a Vintage View Retailer and experienced in designing and configuring the perfect wine racking. Our extensive experience in wine racking will ensure that you not only get the amount of bottle storage you are looking for, but also the most aesthetically appealing design. From wall mounted racks and vino pegs, to floor to ceiling mounted frames, we have installed them all! 

We have plenty more information to share with you below. You can find even more helpful Wine Cellar information and inspiration on our blog post titled ‘Creating an All Glass Wine Cellar or Room.’

glass enclosed wine cellar

We have spent extensive time to research the optimal installation for an all Glass Wine Door or Cellar. With a Glass Enclosed wine room or cellar you can showcase your wine while also protecting your collection. We have developed an installation model where the Glass appears to be completely frame-less, while also efficiently keeping your temperature and humidity at optimal levels for your wine. This installation requires the proper planning, alongside the other trades, to ensure any framing is ‘concealed.’  The fixed panels are installed in a u-channel. The recessed u-channel is buried, or recessed whenever possible, and we prefer to use the deep u-channel that measures 3/4″ deep. This u-channel must be installed prior to the material you will be using on the floor, walls,and ceiling. We will visit the site in the planning stages and work with you each step of the way. Once the rough opening is made, we will again visit to start pre-installing the u-channel framing. With the framing installed, the marble, wood or even drywall can now be installed. The final result is completely concealed, airtight glass. This is a critical step! Once the floor and walls are installed, it will be too late to add the glass u-channel in a way that it disappears. In the case where the flooring or drywall is already in place, we have to use a surface mounted clip or a low profile u-channel system that is exposed.

Glass wine cellar
The photo below includes double doors, to allow more access to this narrow wine cellar. U-channel was preinstalled at the base, while structural clamps were selected for the top. The right wall is on an angel. In this case u-channel or clips are not a possibility. The solution was to tightly measure the glass with a mitered edge to sit flush against the wall. Each wine cellar application is a little different, and requires experience and often some creative thinking to optimize appearance, functionality, and of course structural integrity.

Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar


Large Hinges on the Glass doors and an oversized handle, add to the dramatic appeal. In the next installation below, a 24″ ladder style pull was used. Top and bottom pivot hinges are desired, and for a more contemporary look, we recommend the Senior Cardiff Hinge, with square corners. Pivot hinges are the strongest hinge to hold a heavy door. We also prefer the look. with the hinges at the top and bottom, they don’t disrupt the frameless, all glass look.  The Senior Cardiff accommodates 1/2″glass and also allows for the oversized doors. We recommend keeping the height to 9′ max. This will avoid the need for a glass transom. To keep the reveal at the top and bottom to the absolute minimum, we have found installing the base plate of the hinges, at the same time as the u-channel, reduces the clearance down to as little as 1/8″.

Most wine cellars we do are temperature controlled. To protect your wine collection, we only use heavy 1/2″ glass.  The 1/2″ glass provides sufficient insulation to keep your bottles at the desired 55 degrees. We have invested a great amount of time in research into comparing 1/2″ glass to double pane or insulated glass. Previously, it was believed that insulated glass was required to control the temperature. This simply isn’t true. Insulated glass requires a wide visible framing that obscures the beauty of your wine cellar. We also find it makes a residential wine cellar look commercial in nature.  The metal framing required around an insulated glass door and panels is not necessary! Concerned about condensation? We will answer all your condensation questions and leave you with the peace of mind you are looking for. Mastering Glass Wine Cellar Installations in the Florida Humidity is something we are very proud of and look forward to sharing our knowledge with you. 

Frameless Glass Wine Cellar Door Room Naples, Fl

Frameless Glass Wine Room Door Private Residence in Naples, Fl

It’s all in the Details

Large and Solid Pulls- Notice the heavy duty ladder pull in the photo above. This thick diameter, and extra tall height make a statement.  The large 24″ pull is one of those details that you will be thankful you have! 

Glass choices for 1/2″– We highly recommend considering upgrading to ultra clear glass for your wine cellar. The ultra clear glass will not have the green hue that standard clear glass has. Expect this upgrade to add around 25% to the glass cost. It adds a crisp, rich look that will be noticed by all. The ultra clear stands out from the rest. The optimal clarity provided by the ultra clear is much like buying a diamond. Increased clarity and optimal clear color will be a choice you won’t regret.

Locking hardware– inquire about our options for locking hardware. Your wine cellar will likely house a collection that should be secured.

More about the 1/2″ glass versus Insulated or double pane

This truly frameless look can not be obtained using insulated glass. The dramatic increased aesthetic gained from using 1/2″ frameless glass, outweighs the minimal difference in insulating properties of the 3/4″ insulated glass. Disappearing seals can be added to the frameless doors if further insulation is desired. In 90% of the glass cellars we have installed, the clients opted not to use any seals. They have bee satisfied with the temperature control and do not want to obstruct the beauty.

The Frameless Glass Enclosure can be installed using a clip installation that is shown below. Structural  Clips were used at the finished floor of this Glass Wine Room. While the u-channel is exposed on the sides and top, it is minimal and still looks stunning.The wood of the wine cellar will eventually hide the exposed metal to create the desired seamless look.

Glass Enclosed wine cellar

Installation Techniques to Note-

  • The 90 degree corner was achieved using the desired mitered glass edge, versus a ‘butt’ seam
  • Structural Clips used at base
  • Glass to Glass patch hinges connect door to fixed  side panel, note pivot hinges are preferred. This wine cellar door was too tall to carry the weight of the door if it were to go to the ceiling using topped bottom mount  pivot hinges. With a transom needed, the glass to glass hinges were the next best choice.
  • Window in wine cellar must is recommended to have uv protective coating film to protect wine collection
  • Oversized ladder style pull- we recommend 24″ or larger now. The above cellar has a 12″ pull, and we feel it looks lost on the large door