Told you guys I would get around to making a 2019 Hot or Not Part TWO!

We’re halfway through the year, but there are still some things to consider as we are going into the back half of the year.

Back Painted Glass

blue mirror with deco glassRaise your hand if you’ve made a mess on your kitchen backsplash and had to struggle cleaning the grout.

Yup, I see you!

When it comes to home messes, the kitchen is one of the easiest places to have a mishap. However, a mishap doesn’t have to turn into a migraine. Back painted glass is both a stylistic and practical way to cover your kitchen backsplash.

With unlimited color options, custom back painted glass is a fantastic backsplash choice for everyone! Pairing well with both contemporary and modern styles, back painted glass is versatile in any home. Using glass eliminates the hassle of grout, AND cleans with the swipe of a rag. Really, they’re just one the most practical backsplash applications available. It will also look stunning for as long as you have it in. Glass gives the color of your choice a high shine gloss effect, and the color will never dull or fade! You can also use back painted glass in your cabinet doors and everything will match perfectly!

While tile and grout can be cool…

Back Painted Glass: WAY HOT!!

Mirrored Deco Glass Created by accident, as all the best things in life are, mirrored deco glass is a Builders Glass original!

Because this specific style is made up of two separate components, let me take a second to go over both.

Colored Mirrors – first off, color is extremely important. We tend to use mostly neutral colors at home so that everything matches, but adding in some color can really hep a room pop. With ALL the benefits of mirror, plus the added bonus of some color, colored mirrors are a great tool to use in design.

Deco Glass – Pretty much exclusively used for cabinet doors, deco glass gets pushed off to the side a lot. But it can also be a great tool for unique designs! Deco glass carries texture, and can be used to create textured effects when paired with other mediums.

Ok, so now that we’ve got that covered –

Mirrored deco glass. 

Combining what makes both of the glass components so unique and interesting into one product creates a power house of a medium. The mirror behind deco glass reflects light back into the glass allowing the textures to pop and sparkle while also allowing a feature color to be used!

The effect can also be achieved using ultra clear mirror which will allow you to have a stunning piece without a feature color, keeping everything neutral.

Mirrored Deco Glass: Shiny HOT!

Antique Mirror

Antique Mirror wet barA LOT can be said about antique mirror.

There always seems to be a back and forth about them regarding whether or not they are in style or last centuries left overs. I am here to clarify that for you friends!

Ha, clarify… cause antique mirror is – cloudy – ya know what never mind. Bad joke.

Ultra clear mirrors are great! But when you want to create more of a design statement, antique mirror is the way to go. With different color variations and patterns to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone.

And it can be used nearly anywhere.

Most popularly, antique mirror goes in beautifully as a wet bar backsplash. But it can also be used in dinning rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, cabinets, furniture, coffee tables – you get the picture.

Another great way to use antique mirrors – antique mirror tiles. Antique mirror subway tiles are easy to install, break up solid reflections, and be installed as a DIY project! Here’s a link for our shop site if you want to explore around and check out our sample sets.

Antique Mirror: Classically hot.

Mondrian Mirror

I’m putting this under the title of Mondrian Mirror – but it’s mirror art in general.

Because mirror art is EXTREMELY badass.

I have the great pleasure of having my desk directly across from our in house Mondrian inspired Mirror wall and EVERY time I look at it (well, most of the time I look at it) I get some sort of inspiration to do something creative! It’s hard to not look at a piece of art and think of how to take it to the next level.

And the next level of the Mondrian was a huge project for a client utilizing antique mirror – which turned out better than I can describe it to you.

But if you are thinking that Mondrian mirror walls are a bit too much and over the top fear not my friends for mirror art is… well art. There isn’t just one way of doing it.

Some of my favorite, more subtle, approaches to mirror art are mirrors framed in colored mirror, colored mirror feature pieces, and geometric mirror features.

WHOA! You haven’t heard about geometric mirror features yet because they’re new! Another in-house creation, taking colored mirror, painted glass, and ultra clear mirror and arranging them together in different patterns to fit inside a round design, these pieces literally have it all. Literally.

If you’re curious about them, we have two samples in our showroom!

Mondrian Mirror and other mirror art: Tastefully HOT!

Lighted Mirrors

Electric mirror vanity mirror with lighting

I recently went on vacation with my family and in one of the hotels that we stayed in I spotted an electric lit mirror as a vanity mirror and went, “HEY! We sell those at work!!”

Because I am in fact – a dork.

ANYWAYS! Lit mirrors are way cool. With a super high end look and practical function, these mirrors are the perfect balance between form and function.

With different light styles to choose from, electric mirrors compliment every design style. There is no need to cut holes for sconces because the mirrors provide excellent light on their own, and work great for both over the sink and makeup vanities.

Lighted mirrors also have some pretty sweet upgrades available. Upgrades such as dimmable lights and built in TVs!

Who said mirrors are boring?

Lighted Mirrors: Hot and bright!!

Well I think that this is a great place to draw the curtains on this show. If you want to take a look at my first Hot or Not Blog for 2019, I’ll link it HERE. A key thing to keep in mind as you are browsing the internet and thinking of what is in style and what’s not – you do you. If you like it, than it is in style. If it makes you happy, then that’s what you should go with. Unless it’s regular clear green glass – that is just a NO across the board!

There is so much more to explore when it comes to your glass renovations, so come stop into our showroom and get inspired!