Back Painted Glass

Newly painted walls add a fresh, clean feeling to any room, and there are a lot of different options when it comes to colors, patterns, and styles. But paint can dull over time and the color turns stale. Builder’s Glass has come up with a modern, versatile solution to keep colors for backsplashes and feature walls pristine and clean – Back painted glass! And it’s all custom.

Back Painted Backsplash

Take a look at the backsplash and/or walls of your kitchen. Remember when you accidentally overheated the spaghetti sauce? Or that one baking incident when the mixer got a little out of control? Whether painted, tiled, or uniquely styled, I’m sure you can spot a stain or two from food experiments past. With back painted glass, clean up is an easy swipe of a sponge or a rag with NO stains left behind ever! Your backsplash will always look as clean and as bright as when it was installed, and there is no grout involved.

Coloured Marker Board

Memo boards, reminders, schedules, kid art – all of it can have its day on a mounted piece of Back Painted Glass, and vinyl stickers go on great! We actually use one in our showroom and it is very effective for organizing and prioritizing what we need to get done before major deadlines. It’s easy to see, fun to use, and a breeze to clean.

Feature Walls

As far as feature walls go, Back Painted Glass adds a lot to a room and can be used with different elements. It can be used with different types of the mirror or as framing, and can also stand alone as a backlit piece of art. One of our favorite ways that we have seen it used is as backing for a waterfall feature. Because it’s painted on the back of the ultra clear glass, we can make it ANY color you can possibly imagine to give you a one of a kind feature wall.

One of our absolute favorite projects was a feature wall we did outdoors. A painted glass feature wall outside was pretty cool, but when we found out the clients were making it a WATER feature, we were just glass giddy. The icing on this beautiful cake was this gorgeous color they chose.

painted glass water feature

Door Inserts and Desk Covers

Back Painted Glass looks great as inserts in your cabinets and doors. It’s a very modern way to jazz up your old woodwork or make your new doors even more unique. Adding glass to a door in the kitchen or a kids room also serves a double purpose as a glass marker board. Jot down notes for the grocery store or let your kiddos doodle away.

If you find that your wood desk or table top is a little too scratched up to try and just protect with a clear piece of glass, a Back Painted Glass Top can add new life to your workspace, and you can make notes on it with dry erase marker!

back painted glass applications painted glass door inserts marker boards