Barn Style Glass Shower Doors

glass barn door shower

Barn Style Glass Shower Doors are the perfect answer if you are looking for that unique look. Barn style glass for your shower door is also functional for smaller bathrooms where a swinging door isn’t ideal. Traditional frameless by-passes still require tracks, jambs and a header; hardly a frameless look! With the new Barn Door Hardware for showers, you can have functionality and also maintain that modern frameless look. 


Barn Style Glass Shower Doors are not created equal!

With the rise in popularity of glass barn doors for showers, came an influx of options and manufacturers. The price points can range from $1,300, to well over $5,000.00 for the original Glass Barn Door made by Fluerco. While we don’t encourage anyone to run out and spend $5,000.00 for a Fluerco, it is very important to look for quality when it comes to Barn Doors. After testing the options, we learned quite a bit about why a quality product is so important for barn doors.

We found the knock-off brands have inferior hardware. In photos, they might all look the same, but person, the rollers are smaller, and they just don’t roll the way you would want them to. We also found the installation of these imitation doors took twice as long to install.

Problems with knock-off barn doors

  • Cheap looking rollers, smaller in size, and lacking detail
  • Hardware is often made in China
  • Unsightly Seals
  • Header bar sags over time, and door won’t stay closed
  • Components are difficult to adjust
  • Rollers don’t roll with ease
  • Double installation time or more
  • Less water tight

Barn Style shower door
At Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc., we will only provide a product that we would put in our own home. We have to be confident in every product we offer. After comparing all the options, we exclusively offer Barn Style Shower Doors from Peterson Industries and Alumax Shower Enclosures.

  • The Cascade  by Peterson Industries
  • The Pipeline and Proline by Alumax

The Cascade offers all the beauty you are looking for in a barn style shower door at a price point you will love. It has solid, heavy duty rollers that looks like a million bucks, and the installation is seamless and efficient. The Cascade is offered with 3/8″ glass and available in Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel.

The Proline and Pipeline from Alumax were some of the first on the market. We have been installing the Alumax model for over 5 years. Alumax offers a 1/2″ thick glass option with the Pipeline Model. If you are looking for Oil rubbed Bronze, Alumax has recently added it to their hardware color options.