Take a moment to think of the last thing that could possibly be on your mind in your home. No, the other thing besides when the last time you cleaned out your attic was. Windows and sliders are the most neglected part of many homes. And it really is a shame because forsaking your windows and doors can really rack up some of your bills. So Let’s go over your windows and sliders, and when and why to replace them.

Check What You Have

If you are living in a new home and left your windows up to a contractor without a second thought, or if you have moved into a new place and you have never really payed attention to or taken any action in replacing the old windows, chances are the cheapest windows are what you currently have. And while they seem functional, they could be costing you more than they’re worth.


Besides literal water leaks that can allow water to seep in and destroy your walls, air leaks can be just as detrimental. Why?

We live in Florida. It’s hot, and humid, and if your AC isn’t on then mold problems become way worse than you can imagine. And AC isn’t cheap. Windows and sliders with air leaks let the cool air out which can cause you to have to crank that AC higher than you’re willing to, and in the event that it ever gets cold down here (yeah, it happens now and then sometimes in the winter on a rare occasion) cold air can seep in causing you to have to put the heat on. With more energy efficient windows and sliding doors, your energy costs could go down, and who doesn’t want that?!

Replacing leaky windows for new ones can save you on energy bills anywhere between 10% and 15%.


How old are your windows? Ever really thought about it? That’s ok, I literally have never thought about it until right this second as I’m typing this… huh. Weird. ANYWAYS!

This is probably the number one reason why you should consider replacing your windows. It looks like it’s being  listed as second simply because I didn’t think of it first, and hey, why not mix things up a little bit and break up monotony. Window life typically is around 15 to 20 years, but environmental and treatment factors definitely play a role here. Living here in Florida, we deal with a LOT of moisture, which can cause “normal ware and tear” to escalate quickly, shortening the life span of your windows and doors. Especially if you’re near the beach where, not only are moisture levels higher, but so is corroding causing salt in the air.

Signs that your windows may have reached passed their golden years are:

  1. hard to open or slide
  2. Damaged frames from weather or use
  3. Cloudiness between panes of glass
  4. Air Leaks


Window damage can present itself in many forms from cracked glass, to damage to the frame or moving parts themselves. But when is it time to replace to whole window instead of just a part?

Again, age and use plays quite a hand here, but I’m going to really bring damage from storms in as my main focus. Especially as we are in hurricane season and strong thunderstorms are still present.

Debris from strong winds doesn’t only come from hurricanes. It doesn’t take much to dislodge an already loose tree branch or some other glass seeking missile, and one swift breeze in a passing thunder storm may be just enough to do it.

Damage to frames from age or impact is one of the higher marks when it comes to deciding whether to replace vs repair windows. Panes of glass can be replaced, but damage to frames can lead to far more problems down the line. If you do have that one window that seems to always get busted, maybe replacing the window with hurricane impact glass may be something to consider.

Hard to Find Replacement Parts

We have quite the collection of window hardware here at Builders Glass. As in we have things that I really don’t know what they’re for or how they’re used, but handymen light up like it’s Christmas when they see that part. But alas, things can’t last forever. Businesses go under, manufactures stop making parts, and then we can’t get said part anymore. If you’re trying to replace a part in a window and just CAN’T find it in any hardware store or online, it may not be from lack of trying. Older windows are extremely difficult to find parts for. If you’re facing this problem right now, it might be worth it to just replace the window.

UV Damage

Standardly, windows and sliding glass doors don’t provide much UV protection. It’s not anything that we seem to think about much, even though we live in the sunshine state, but UV damage isn’t just dangerous to your skin.

I’ve seen carpet completely destroyed by sunlight to the point where it’s brittle and dry and – it just gets really gross. And the sun can also bleach your wood floors or furniture that is constantly exposed to the rays. And then there’s leather…

BUT! Hurricane Impact glass blocks up to 99% of the suns harmful UV rays!

If you’re noticing that sunlight seems to be affecting your furniture, floors, or even you inside your home, but your windows are still fully functional, then maybe considering upgrading to hurricane impact glass might be beneficial. And if your windows are in need of replacing and you’ve noticed these problems then DEFINITELY!

Hurricane Impact Glass

We all knew that this whole blog post was leading up to this.

Hurricane impact glass is our number one suggestion when it comes to contemplating replacement windows and sliders. They block UV rays, they hold up against wind, debris, and force entry, and have a longer life span than regular windows. It’s not just the glass that is made to take a hit, but the frames as well.

Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best is what we do here in Florida when it comes to big storms. I believe that covering all your bases is a great way of preparing your life for the unexpected, and hurricane impact windows is one step that can really help you with that and eliminate many worries towards the future.

If you have any questions about your windows or sliders, come stop by our showroom and get inspired!