October is here and it’s time to get spooky!

But not everything happening in October needs to be a fright fest – like getting a new glass table top. October is our biggest month for table tops. Why? Not quite sure, but October is definitely table top month, so here’s some of our most frequently asked questions for all you ghouls and goblins out there considering glass for your tables.


Different thicknesses in glass can make a huge difference in both costs and use.

If you are looking to protect the surface of a coffee table, dinning table, dresser, or night stands, 1/4” thickness is what we recommend. It’s thick enough not to be flimsy, and light enough not to make your table top too heavy.

Moving up in thickness to 3/8”, this is what we use for stand alone glass tops. 3/8” glass is pretty heavy and sturdy, so it doesn’t need to be fully supported underneath. The rule of thumb when deciding how big your table top can be in comparison to your base, is that your base makes up at least 50% of the table length/height.

We only stock Ultra Clear Glass here at Builders Glass of Bonita, 1/8” –  3/8” thick glass. Anything thicker than that we order out for, and keep in mind that the thicker, regular clear glass is, the greener it looks – so ask for ultra clear!


Ovals are super tricky, but can certainly be a real treat. When it comes to an oval top, it is IMPERATIVE to bring in a template or your table so that we can measure out the length, and most importantly the width of your oval. Ovals are one of those shapes that, when given block dimensions, can come back in all sorts of different oval shapes. Will they all be those block dimensions? Yup. But still different ovals.

Besides just the image that you probably have in your head right about now when it comes to an oval shape, there are a couple name ovals that can help you better visualize oval top options.

Racetrack Oval – A rectangular shaped oval with the corners rounded out.

Boat Oval – An oval shape with flat ends and bowed out sides.

E-Oval – Traditional elliptical oval shape.

Ovals are definitely a more dynamic shape that draw the eye’s attention. But it is important to make sure that when you’ve decided on an oval top, that it is done right.


Circular tops are pretty popular, and we mostly order out for them. 42 is our max diameter for in house fabrication, and if we cut it here, we have to polish the edges by hand because the rounds can’t go through our polishing machine.

Circles are a pretty diverse shape that help to fit people around them and center everyone together. When measuring out a circle, make sure you’re measuring straight though the center to get the true dimeter so that the glass fits your table properly.

Tempered Vs Annealed

Annealed glass is regular glass that we cut and stock here. Why don’t we stock tempered glass? We cut custom sizes, and you can’t cut tempered glass. Don’t try, it will explode into a million tiny pieces.

For most things, annealed glass is perfectly fine for your table top, but say if your table is going outdoors, tempered may suit you better. Tempered glass is heat strengthened glass, stronger than annealed glass, and when it breaks, it doesn’t break into sharp shards. So because tempered glass can’t be cut, we have to order your tempered glass as custom pieces. 

Is My Glass Going to be Sharp?

We would never sell you a piece of glass that would be sharp enough to cut you. We always put glass through our polisher, or we polish the glass by hand. Unless you want the edges of the glass just simply seamed with a sander – but the edge still is not sharp enough to cut you. Safety is key for both us and you.

Edge Options

Here, our polishing machine does a very clean flat polished edge. But there are other options besides the flat that can give you different looks and design options.

Pencil Edge – Pencil Edges are like the flat polish but with a subtle oomf added. It’s the same shape if you were to place a pencil on the edge of a flat table top. It gives it that nice rounded off feel.

Ogee Edge – Ogee is what I call “that stair edge glass”, because that’s what it reminds me of. It’s a nice, little waterfall effect that looks very classy and finished.

Bevel Edge – Everyone knows about bevels. They add just that little “framed and finished” effect.

Wave Edge – Want something a but more dynamic in look and feel? A waved edge is a beautiful, texture type edge, that waves in and out. It’s cleaner than a hammered edge, but definitely adds a lot of dimension and interests to the table top edge.

What Other Options Do I Have for Glass Tops?

This is one of my favorite questions because it means getting creative!

Glass doesn’t have to be round, rectangular, or square. Half circles, shaped, and other custom shapes are possible!

You could also go for something different with mirror for your table top. Mirror is a bold design move, and it doesn’t have to be clear mirror either. Colored mirror and antique mirror can help bring some color to your table, and the coolest is mirror crackle table tops. The mirror crackle is stunning, and a lot like our traditional crackle table tops, but they have a layer of colored mirror inside.

Crackle tops, both regular and colored mirror, are great because they are thick, and they hide finger prints and scratches. Perfect for the tables that witness everything in a home from dinner to that weird, and extremely messy, science experiment.

And for those wood tops that have already been ravaged by time, smoked glass in bronze or grey, or back painted tops make for a great look that help to hide those scratches and nicks.

October is the month for witches, ghosts, specters, and table tops!

So if you have any questions about getting glass for a table top, come visit us in our showroom and get inspired!