Vanity Mirrors

Options for vanity mirrors are growing. Our clients are often looking for a unique and different option for their vanity mirrors. Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. is the only Glass Design Center in the area. We invite you to visit us and see all the options we can create for your custom vanity mirror.

Here are just some of the options we can create for your vanity mirror installation-

  • Beveled mirrors
  • Custom framed mirrors
  • Beveled mirror strips
  • Antique Mirror
  • Framed mirror hung over wall mirror
  • Floating Mirrors
  • Custom shaped vanity mirrors
  • Electric Mirror – with Backlit led lighting

Browse Our  Gallery to see Vanity Mirror Trends

Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. will work with you during every step. We have the most experienced technicians that will measure, cut, fabricate, and install your mirrors. The mirror crew will measure for any holes needed for electrical outlets, switches, or even a floating light fixture. We have the newest glass polishing machine available to ensure a shiny, polished edge for your custom cut mirror. If a beveled edge is desired, we can assist you in choosing the size of the bevel.