Looking for creative mirror designs for your home? Builders Glass custom creates wet bar mirrors, modern mirror designs and antique mirror features. We can customize your vanity mirror and wall mirrors. Builders Glass has an extensive line of framing for mirrors. Naked mirror is a thing of the past. We are also proud to be a showroom dealer for Electric Mirror!

Vanity Mirrors are no longer are an after thought. Don’t settle for Builder Grade Mirror! You selected every finish in your bathroom. The mirrors deserve the same attention to detail. They will be reflecting everything in your space after all!

Read our Blog post on Vanity Mirror Trends. This is sure to get your creative juices flowing. Then stop in our showroom to see them in real life.

Not only do we have a vast selection of mirror choices, we also distribute Handmade Antique Mirror. Antique Mirror is in high demand these days. Antique mirror is the designers go to choice for any mirror that is not in a bathroom. We have large sheets of our antique mirror on display in our showroom. You no longer have to be surprised by what your antique mirror will actually look like. At Builders Glass Showroom you can select your sheet, or sheets.

Vanity Style

Mirror mirror on the wall - what style should you be in? Vanity mirrors come not only in all different shapes and sizes, but styles too. So which Vanity Style is right for you? Clear vs Ultra Clear Mirror Before we pass go and collet $200, we are going to come back here to the [...]

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Back Painted Vs Mirror Backsplash

*Stadium Voice* A battle for the ages, glass vs glass, BACK PAINTED VS MIRROR BACKSPLASH!!! Alright, I’ll stop being dramatic but - come on that was a good lead in. We use both Back Painted Glass and Mirrors for kitchen backsplashes but, which one is… better? Now while it does come down to personal preference [...]

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Ultra Clear Mirrors

As much as we talk about Ultra Clear Mirrors, they miraculously don’t have their own blog post. And it’s about time! So here it is! What’s the Difference Between Ultra Clear and Regular Clear? So we’re all familiar with ultra clear glass right? Because it all starts there. Glass with iron in it has a [...]

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Purple Mirror, Oh My!

Purple Mirror, Oh My! We are so excited to introduce a new offering to our lineup- Purple Mirror!  

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Colored Mirror

Colored Mirror Mirrors often get boiled down to Clear, Ultra Clear, and Antique Mirror. And we really do love our ultra clear mirror and our Antique Mirror is so sexy. But there is a whole other category of mirror that gets vastly overlooked – COLORED! Our homes can become a lot of black, white, grey, [...]

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Vanity Mirror Trends- What’s Hot and What’s Not!

Vanity Mirror Trends – What’s Hot, What’s Not! Just like all of our design-centered loves, vanity mirror trends have a way of making a big splash only to graduate from passé to down-right embarrassing over time. But unlike those high-waisted, acid-wash jeans, you can’t simply hide your vanity mirror in the closet. Your vanity mirrors [...]

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Antique Mirror Wall

Sand Dollar Award Winning Antique Mirror Wall!  This is our original design of a contemporary Antique Mirror Feature Wall. Antique Mirror Feature Wall- 10' x 10' square tiles floating and backlit This dramatic Antique Mirror Wall Feature was custom designed and crafted by hand from start to finish. The result is a contemporary, [...]

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How to cut Antique Mirror Subway Tiles

How to cut Antique Mirror Subway Tiles is demonstrated for you in this video. We ship cut to size antique mirror subway tiles all over the country! We bet you are wondering how to cut the tiles when they arrive. We cut the antique mirror subway tiles to standard sizes of  4"x 8" and 5" x [...]

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Mirror Closet Door Options

I have watched the options for glass and mirrors come a long way over the last 15 years, with the exception of one specific product- Mirror Closet Doors.  In the glass business I have multiple suppliers I turn to for the various glass options. One supplier might offer the best selection of antique mirror, while [...]

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Can you frame your vanity mirror?

After over 12 years in the Glass business, I found myself bored with installing the same products over and over again. I knew if I was going to stay in this business, something had to change and Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. was born. As this baby of mine quickly grew, Builders Glass of Bonita, [...]

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