Mirror mirror on the wall – what style should you be in? Vanity mirrors come not only in all different shapes and sizes, but styles too. So which Vanity Style is right for you?

Clear vs Low Iron Mirror

low iron mirror vs. standard clear mirror

Before we pass go and collet $200, we are going to come back here to the most basic of all basic roots for mirrors. Clear vs Low Iron(Ultra Clear).

By now I am VERY sure that you have heard, or more likely read, me rant about how everyone needs to strongly consider using Ultra Clear Mirror in their homes. And if you haven’t – I will link a blog here, here, here, and here – or you could read nearly any other blog I’ve written.

But just to recap.

Regular clear glass and mirror have a high iron content that gives it that green tint and hue. Which in turn gives everything that it reflects a green tint and hue. If you have white walls, tile, or marble, it becomes very evident. And on any other color than green, it distorts the color of the reflection.

It just doesn’t look pretty.

If you plan on installing a wall to wall vanity mirror, I strongly suggest that you choose Ultra Clear mirror. It will look brighter, and give you a better reflection. You put so much time, effort, and money into your bathrooms, why gip the mirror?

Ok, NOW we can get into different vanity styles.

Floating Mirrors


I’ve been meaning to get back to Floating Mirrors for a good while now and – I’m just happy to bring them back to the forefront for a second.

So floating mirrors, what’s the big deal anyways?

Well besides them looking phenomenally awesome, they do have some practical benefits.

Mirrors create dimension in a space by giving the illusion of, well more space. But what happens when you give the dimension enhancer dimension?

Actually, don’t. I just hurt my own brain thinking about it. Too many dimensions.

What I really like about floating mirrors is they literally put the mirror out there. Floating the mirror creates space around and behind the mirror, and gives a very light and airy effect.

And to add just a little extra light, you can light the back!

Having a Back Lit Floating Mirror changes the game. A floating mirror may have a shadow cast, and to me that looks kind of cold. With a light behind it, everything warms and brightens up!

Lit Mirrors

electric mirror

Speaking of warmth and light, Lighted Mirrors really out shine all the others!

Puns fully, FULLY, intended.

With a variety of styles, lit mirrors are versatile, aesthetically pleasing, high end, and functional. Functionality is the really big here. Oh my god there are so many cool upgrades for these mirrors – no joke.

So first and foremost, the are lighted mirrors. Rimmed, Framed – there are quite a few light styles to choose from. But they all produce GREAT light.

These mirrors are perfect for makeup vanities, as well as over the sink. And the light they provide is really fantastic, you don’t have to worry about sconces or any other lights near the mirror.


So those upgrades I mentioned earlier. Those amazing, spectacular, brilliant upgrades. I’ll touch on a couple.

First off, dimmable lights. YES! Set that mood lighting! Being able to control the brightness of your mirrors is an upgrade I can back. Bright lights for when you’re getting ready like you’re the show, and dim them out when you want to relax a little.

And for those of you who are amazing multitaskers or like to catch your news in the morning, these mirrors can have built in TVs. Now you don’t have to choose between watching halftime/ commercials or going to the bathroom during Super Bowl!

Lit mirrors could also be interchanged with smart mirrors. …Never did I ever think that I would actually talk about smart mirrors… huh.


Yes, smart mirrors are coming up to be a thing – my how the world changes quickly – so now you have access to even more apps and things while using your mirror!

It’s great isn’t it?

Shaped mirrors

AHA! There is a place here in the blog, and in our hearts always, for shaped mirrors.

Sometimes, we need a little bit of variation. Cause as nice as straight lines can be, monotony needs to be broken up due to it being… what’s the word I’m looking for? Overwhelming?

To me too many straight lines can seem like static and that needs to be broken up a little bit.

arched top vanity mirror

Now, you don’t have to go full out with round mirrors or anything like that, but you could go with arched mirrors. Arched mirrors with fun shaped tops!

Oh I love these things.

Why I love them is because shaped mirrors go with straight line designs, while breaking up the pattern, and they can be “dressed up or down”. To me, they can look a bit formal, but put in the right setting, can blend in with a really relaxed area. Bathrooms can be royal and regal, or cool down zones – and a custom shaped mirror could really help make that space its own.

The reason I brought up arches specifically is because they sides are straight, and then the top can be what you want. With the straight sides, you aren’t alienating your design plans completely. You’re simply just adding a variant.

Circular Mirrors

My new personal favorites.

As stated above in Shaped Mirrors, the ever occurring straight lines used in bathrooms need to be broken up now and then – and nothing breaks free of that better than circular mirrors.

Circles are natural organic shapes that draw the eye. Literally, our brains are wired to pick up on them. Circular shapes also bring in a sense of wholeness, completeness, protection, and movement.

circle vanity mirror trend

Round shapes, in this case mirrors, also help to create interest in an area and can be a pretty powerful design element.

When looking around online and doing my research, there was something that kept popping up that made my heart soar. It ties in with other ideas and up and coming projects here at Builders Glass, and all of it put together was the butter creme flowers on top of this already magnificently iced cake.

Round mirrors paired with subway tiles and grid showers.

Cue brain explosions.

Yes indeed, grid showers paired with round vanity mirrors are popular right now and I am floored. Remember what I said about breaking up straight lines? Grid showers with subway tiles creates A LOT of them. Circular mirrors create movement among the static, and STILL match. This design brings in basic principles like shape and texture to create an environment that you can make your own. You’re essentially taking basic design principles to create a complete space that can be used like a blank canvas to build a bathroom that is completely you!

That was a mouthful.

And just in, we now have round frame options!!!


If you’re curious about “Grid Showers”, I’ve got it linked there. I also talk about Grid Mirrors which are also an awesome vanity style option to be paired with grid showers and subway tiles.

For more information on Vanity Mirrors or anything else glass related, give us a call or come visit us here in our showroom and get inspired!