Bathroom Renovations: Everything You Need to Consider

Everyone knows that renovating anything can be a complete and utter nightmare, but so much goes into redoing a bathroom that it is beyond overwhelming. And the design possibilities are literally endless! Everything from the tile, the plumbing, cabinets, and the color scheme of things – where does one begin?! Luckily, your glass should be the LAST thing on your list to check off. So before you come in for an estimate, here’s all the information of what you need to consider when you reach the last tier of your bathroom renovation.

Note: Before you come in for an estimate, make sure that all your tile work is complete. Incomplete tile work makes measuring inaccurate, and because we custom order and fabricate every bit of glass here, we can’t reuse or exchange it. An estimate is given off your rough dimensions so that you can gauge a price range, and then we come out to make pin point accurate measurements after a 50% deposit that goes towards your install.

Shower Glass

A good shower enclosure is nice and all, but a GREAT one really makes a difference. As you know, we have a very high quality, low iron glass that we carry called Ultra Clear glass. The glass does NOT always need to be greener on the other side. After you spent all that money on pristine tile, why would you taint it with green glass? Allow your tile to shine bright in your bathroom through nearly invisible glass. Standardly, 3/8” Glass is sufficient for shower glass, but if you want something a little more high-end, 1/2” Glass really stands out. Heavier, thicker glass, feels more secure and presents itself as stately and regal. It is the epitome of luxury glass, and sure to leave a remarkable impression on anyone who sees it. For estimates on showers, you need to bring in rough measurements of where the glass is going, and we will only come out to measure after all of your tile work is done. Glass is the last thing to go into your bathroom, and to ensure that all of our measurements are correct, all tile work must be complete.

Swing Door

Generally, swing door showers are the main style that people choose. It’s simple, clean, and there’s no glass overlap anywhere. Showers with swing doors can be installed frameless using clips, which reduces all metal down to a minimum. We prefer the look of clips over U-channel, and with the clips there’s less metal to clean. Swing doors sway both ways for easy entrance and exit, and is easy to maintain, especially with a proactive layer of Enduroshield that makes a quick squeegee oh so easy. 

Barn Door Slider

We absolutely adore the look and feel of the barn door sliders. Really, if you haven’t come in to our showroom and tried it for yourself, you’re really missing out on a great option for your shower. The roller hardware along the top is the only hardware visible in this installation, besides a clip or two (there’s no glide track along the bottom), and the glass slides with incredible ease. There’s no jerking or sticking, and the glass doesn’t roll out of control either. The door consist of a fixed panel, and one sliding panel. You must come take a look at it for yourself to really feel how amazing this door is, and it works great for tub enclosures as well. We have also used the barn doors outside of shower enclosures as bathroom entrance doors and for offices. Because they slide, they’re great for tight spaces where a swing door may be a little close.

Essence Slider

The essence slider door is the queen supreme amongst our shower doors. It is the highest quality shower door we can install, and has the least amount of hardware of any enclosure you’ll see. This particular set up consist of a floor track with two rollers, and the glass glides past itself with a top clip. This door, similar to the barn door slider, is also one fixed panel and one sliding panel. We do not deal with double bypass sliders. This door is also great for tub enclosures as well as standard shower enclosures, and really carries itself with elegance and grace. 

Splash Guard Panel

Another option for showers that is greatly overlooked is a simple splash guard panel with no door. Instead of a door, the opening is left free. It is the easiest shower enclosure to access, and because the hardware is limited to about 2 clips, is also the simplest to clean. These shower enclosures are minimalistic and simple, perfect for both small and large bathrooms. Panels can either be rectangular in shape or have a curved edge top to match bother your modern and contemporary homes.

Shower Hardware

When it comes to shower hardware, we only stock the best and highest quality of hardware. It really isn’t worth it to gyp yourself at the end and buy cheap hardware that is going to corrode, tarnish, or just flat out break. We have an array of options both in style and finishes to match the existing hardware for your sink and light fixtures, and you can come see them in person in our showroom. Standardly, we install the handles and clips in a finish of your choice, but you can always choose double towel bar pull handles, and single towel bar pulls. We also carry Portals brilliant Luxury Line of hardware that really brings everything up to the next level. Elegance and beauty is just as important as functionality and maintenance. If you don’t love the design, it isn’t worth it.


Ok, before we move onto mirrors, I want to touch real quick on enduroshield and why it is really important that you know about it. Due to glass’ porous nature (yes, as smooth as glass is to the touch, at the microscopic level it is very porous) mineral deposits and water can build up in the glass and cause damage. Water etching and glass staining can destroy the look of your shower and compromise the glass. Enduroshield is a glass protectant that we can apply on the surface of the glass that keeps the minerals found in your water from reaching the glass and damaging it. Enduroshield works just like Rainex on your windshield, and while also protecting your glass, makes cleaning it a breeze. A quick squeegee and you’re done!


Yes! You can have those beautiful glass shelves in your shower that you’ve seen in upscale model bathrooms and luxury design magazines. They’re a beautiful addition to your shower that keeps the glass aesthetic continuous, and they have a clean, fresh look. Glass shelves in showers need to be tempered, same as your shower glass, and we can get them in rectangular shapes, and in pelican corner shelves! 

Vanity Mirrors

Mirrors in your bathroom dictate everything about the space. If you have a coffin sized guest bath, a mirror can instantly make it feel bigger and less claustrophobic. And no, as we’ve made quite clear before, mirror is not just mirror – there are so many styles and designs! Again, everything that we do here at Builders Glass is custom, so we would absolutely love the chance to work with you in designing your own personal mirrors and achieving the look you’ve been looking for.

Ultra Clear Vs Regular Mirror

Let’s address quality. Just as Ultra Clear low iron glass is WAY better than regular cheap green glass, the same goes for mirror. Mirror starts out as clear glass, so when made from Ultra Clear glass, you get the same, high quality, color accurate reflection. No more green reflected tiles, walls, or you! Here at Builders Glass, we really push ultra clear mirror because you, our clients, deserve nothing more than the best. You can finally see yourself just as accurately as the world sees you in all your wonderful glory. And you’ll really be able to tell whether that tie matches that suite, or if that shawl matches that dress.

Electric Mirror

Lighting is crucial to make sure that you can see every little detail as you’re gussying yourself up. If you’ve never seen electric mirror before, then you’ve been living in the dark – but not to worry, we are happy to show you the light! We are a carrier and distributer of Integrity™ Electric Mirrors – the highest quality of electric mirrors. This particular style has a frosted strip of light built into the mirror itself so the whole mirror glows and lights up exactly how you need it to in order to see yourself properly. For you makeup gurus out there, THIS is the mirror you’ve been looking for. And there are upgrades from there. Dimmers and even built in TV screens can be installed. We have one of these beauties displayed in our showroom, so you can come check it out for yourself!

Back-lit Floating Mirror

Floating mirrors add so much dimension and are a beautiful way of making your mirrors literally stand out. But that space behind them can be kind of dark and create something of a cold void. Solution; LIGHT IT UP! Lighting the back of a floating mirror doesn’t just get rid of the void, but it brightens and makes the area feel warm and welcoming. It’s a beautiful display that can either stand alone, or incorporate framing by either a traditional frame, or be framed in a different color of mirror! 

Shaped Mirrors

Sometimes it’s nice to not be square. Sometimes it’s nice to have twin shaped vanity mirrors displayed gorgeously over your sinks and do something different besides a plain rectangular, square, or even a full mirror wall as simple and functional as those styles are – but everyone has them. Sometimes it’s really nice to have something that you don’t see everywhere, that is unique to your tastes, and makes a statement. Shaped mirrors add a sort of elegance and class with their designs. We have a variety of shaped mirrors available for you to choose from including ones with bevels (especially since framing one of these glorious mirrors is extremely difficult), accent shapes and curves, and let us not forget ovals, circles, arches, and diamonds. 

Mirror Cover Plates

For those of us that like full wall vanity mirrors, or have outlets that interrupt the flow of our mirrors, we have a great solution. Our mirror outlet cover plates are made out of real glass mirror and seamlessly hide where there would otherwise be a white plastic cover. It’s one of those little things that are often forgotten about, but when incorporated make a world of difference. We believe in the importance of nuance details making sure that everything looks like a ten out of ten.

Framing Options

Now, while we are a glass company that primarily focuses on glass and all of its fantastic creative qualities, we do provide some framing options. Everything from traditional wood frames with a twist to obscure metal U Channel just to give the edges of your mirrors a finished and polished look. There’s also the glitz and glam of bevel strips and squares, and colored mirror as previously mentioned – but we’ll get to that. When you come in to our showroom, you’ll be able to view our selection of wood frames that adhere right to the surface of your mirrors whether previously existing or freshly installed. If you have an all white bathroom, a nice bold colored frame can add that POP that is missing. Or you can keep it simple with a homey wood frame that ties everything together. Mirrored Bevel strips also can add a nice subtle frame. The strips too adhere to the surface of the mirror and really help to give a cool dimensional effect. We have different corner pieces for the bevel strips, but with the square ones, we also like to use those to make a bejeweled look as a frame around a mirror. Colored mirror is a unique and effective way to frame your mirrors without taking away from them. It keeps the reflection continuous while still providing a distinctive border. Our colored mirrors come in grey, bronze, rose, green and more!

Note: One major way to help keep your mirrors from blackening around the edges – DON’T USE AMMONIA! Ammonia eats away at your mirrors causing them to corrode, so nix the windex. Vinegar works great, but High Sheen Glass Cleaner is the ultimate cleaner for ALL glass. Ask us about it! 

Ok, that was a LOT of information there, so if you have any questions or want to see anything that we discussed in person, come visit us in our showroom and get inspired!