Creative Glass Ideas

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog posts, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been experimenting with innovative and creative glass designs. We love discovering all the different ways that we can mix it up with glass, and we’ve come across some truly beautiful and interesting features. If you’re looking to do something a little out of the ordinary with your next glass endeavor, we’ve got what you need.

Iridescent Back Painted Glitter Glass

We have just installed one of the most gorgeous kitchen backsplashes we have ever had the pleasure of doing – and it literally sparkles and shines! Our newest and most favorite thing in back painted glass right now is to literally add a little sparkle to it with a layer of iridescent glitter. We absolutely adore how it reacts when the light hits it, and depending on the angle you look at it, the shine changes color! Best of all, it doesn’t compete with or dull the background color of your choice, it just makes it shimmer and gleam!

Mirrors Framed in Mirror – That Float!

We like floating mirror, but we love backlit floating mirrors! And goodness are they fantastic framed in more mirror. Especially when those mirror frames are a uniquely different color! Wood and metal frames are pretty standard and ordinary, but mirror framed in mirror isn’t seen much and it is a-ma-zing. Coupled with dimensional floating and backlighting, you have a mirror that looks high end, and completely custom – because it is!

Beveled Antique Mirror Tile

So you know about our antique mirror, and you know about our antique subway mirror tiles, but now we have beveled antique tiles! Why are they special? Personally, a beveled mirror doesn’t really ‘wow’ us much, but beveled mirror butted up next to beveled mirror has this cool effect of making it quilt like – especially when a rosette is placed in the bevel corners. One of our favorite jobs ever was this beautiful back lit floating antique mirror feature wall with big beveled squares. These tiles are amazing in their small scale, and the bevels add dimension and reflect the light in different directions to both brighten and dazzle!

Mirror Rosettes

Ok, so we have DEFINITELY gone a couple rounds with how much we love mirror rosettes, but it needs to be stated again. ESPECIALLY since we have some new designs! We’ve come up with some more designs that really pop against your mirrors both in scale and in ‘wow’ factor. Dimensional, flat, stacked, big, small – we’ve got something that covers ALL of it. And because we custom hand make them, you can design your own! Mirror rosettes really help to pull a piece of mirror together, and they are just as amazing as they have ever been!

Iridescent Smoked Glass

We really, really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY love iridescent back painted glass. Honestly, we try to use it anywhere and everywhere we can. It’s glitz and sparkle is magical. So naturally, we put it on the back of something you would think it wouldn’t show up on – BUT IT DID! We applied it to the back of a piece of grey glass and suddenly we started loving smoked glass again. Indoors, the shine is subtle, but definitely there. Outdoors however in the sunlight is where the shimmer really shines! We actually had never seen the iridescent paint outside in natural sunlight until this experiment and you can bet that this is not the end for where we’ll take it.


Want a real piece of amazing glass/mirror art in your home? We have created the most epic of Mondrian pieces with mirror! It’s the newest feature piece in our showroom and it has FLOORED us all with its reflective beauty and artistic ingenuity. It effectively incorporates many of our favorite mirror pieces including rose mirror, bronze mirror, and sunset antique. And it floats! You HAVE to come in and see it, so visit us in our showroom to inquire about all of your creative glass ideas and get inspired!