Whenever we start to look for unique glass designs we become so enamored by the beautiful colorful swirls and shapes of artisan blown glass and other creative glass designs. Now, we don’t deal with stained or blown glass, but we get our fill from looking at exquisite, custom made, artisan glass counter tops! The countertops are the epitome of luxury design, and because they are custom made to order you can pick the design!

We partner with an artist that takes the time to actually make these countertops from scratch. He creates the beautiful patterns you see in the counter top glass with sand and then bakes it to solidify the impressions in place. It’s a beautiful process that yields the highest standard of creative glass design that you will see nowhere else. 

Now, while this glass is extraordinary, one of our favorite enhancements that really brings the unique designs to life and makes them pop is lighting the counter tops with LED lights. The lit glass glows brilliantly and really gives the effect that the glass is some other magic entirely. Every piece of glass is different, and lighting the glass is the best way to bring out each of the unique facets in this gem.

Typically, if you’re going to make your counter top solely out of glass instead of granite or another material, about an inch thick is perfect, but we can adjust the thickness to whatever your needs may be! A thinner piece, say anywhere between 3/8” and 1/2” to cover your existing counter top works beautifully, and we can also use these sizes as a raised top on stand-offs. Raised tops look amazing and serve perfectly as a bar counter.

If you would like to know more or come in and see samples of the glass for yourself and what we at Builders Glass can do for you, please come visit us in our showroom and get inspired!