What IS modern?

We live in a world where every decade from every century collides giving us unique styles and designs pulling from every faction of human ingenuity. But what is really considered MODERN now a days? Is it modern to be retro? Is chrome and back lighting truly the way of the future like every SciFi film ever has predicted? What about rustic or bringing back antique styles? Design is a huge animal to deal with that we see as better tackled piece by piece – we figured mirror is a good place to start.

Ok, so for this blog post we did an extensive bit of research to see what’s happening in the design world, and learned a lot. What we found is that modern design usually gets confused with its close cousin contemporary. So what’s the difference? What we discovered is that modern design lends itself more to natural materials, colors, earth tones, and straight line design. Contemporary design is an ever shifting style that holds more closely to black/white/grey tones, curved lines, and more of an industrial look and feel by incorporating in more metal materials and surfaces.

For Modern Mirrors:

For modern mirrors, we strongly suggest experimentation. This is a chance to have some fun with colored mirrors, antique mirror, mirrors framed in colored mirror, painted glass frames, or a nice decorative frame either in a bright color or a beautiful wood finish. Sticking to the ‘straight line’ aesthetic, rectangular and square mirrors work perfectly, and you can hang groups of framed mirrors like pictures on your walls. You can also try staggering them along or grouping them up to create something a little more interesting. You could also go with a Mondrian mirror art piece that is new to Builders Glass. This style is the definition of modern design and you won’t see it anywhere else.

For Contemporary Mirrors:

For a high end contemporary look, back lit mirrors and mirrors with either bold or elegantly curved edge work frames are perfect. Metal channel also works great for a clean, simplistic look that just finishes off the edges with a pure polished look. Beveled mirrors without frames, and floating mirrors both fall within this style, and let’s not rule out round, or specially edged, patterned mirrors. Mirrors in this style work great as identical pairs, or standing alone as a focal point. Bold mirror feature walls, like our famous floating back lit beveled antique mirror wall is a perfect example of what you can do in your own home.

Creating custom mirrors is a personal thing for every client and we would love to work with you in achieving the design styles you’re seeking! For more mirror options and ideas, feel free to come into our showroom and get inspired!