Builders Glass has always tried to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s new and in style in the glass world. But aside from that, we feel that quality goes above anything else. I mean, while Type Writers are amazing, and aesthetically pleasing to some of us writers out there, would you really trade in your Mac or PC to do all of your typing there? Again, while REALLY cool – I highly doubt. We’ve talked about Ultra Clear Glass and mirror before and why it’s different from any other. But we feel that while regular clear mirror works just fine, we all deserve the best.

Mirror starts out as glass, and then get’s a silver backing that gives it its reflective quality. All glass mirror starts out as glass, so the quality of the glass is KEY in the quality of your mirrors. Now, why is Ultra Clear better in quality then regular clear? Glass naturally has mineral impurities that cause the glass to have a green hue to it. If you look at any standard piece of glass that you’ve owned over your life time, it’s most likely all green. Iron is the main culprit here, and a lot of cheaply made glass is LOUSY with it. We would also like to make bright that copper free glass is NOT ultra clear and is still green. Ultra Clear Glass is carefully fabricated here in the States using the highest quality, low iron materials to give us glass that is color neutral and is near invisible to the eye. (Trust us, we just installed an ultra clear wine display in our show room and WE have to be careful not to walk right into it.) When you take this glass and turn it into a mirror, you get the clearest and truest representation of a reflection that you possibly can. This level of clarity and quality is very important to us to ensure that our clients are getting the absolute best glass available to them for their Showers, Mirrors, Glass Wine Cellars, home office spaces, and Glass Conference Rooms. We also use it for our Back Painted Glass Backsplashes so that whatever color our clients choose, it doesn’t become distorted due to any coloring in the glass.

For our in-house fabricating, we only stock Ultra Clear Glass. We don’t like to see green hued shelves, table tops, or anything of the sort, and the same goes for mirrors. We have done some beautiful bathroom and niche mirrors that we adore, but can’t get over that the reflection is green. Really, the difference is astonishing to us, and we also noticed that the regular green mirror tends to darken the space its reflecting rather than brighten it. We honestly think that you owe it to yourself to consider ultra clear mirror for your next mirror project. Everyone deserves to see themselves in the best reflection available! Here are some of our installations of this beautiful, high quality mirror. If you would like to see it in person, stop by our showroom and get inspired!