Creative Antique Mirror Design

Our Handmade Antique Mirror is one of our highest selling products, and for good reason. The incorporation of colors in mirror add another depth and dimension, and make the reflective surface more interesting. Antique mirror helps to accent styles and bring out colors that otherwise would be lost in a room, and help bring new life and character to old furniture. We’ve installed antique mirror in some pretty interesting places, and we encourage you to think of where it can go in your home!

Antique Mirror Tea Tray

We had this beautiful tea tray picked up from a garage sale that we were going to use to display glass on, but it was so old and dingy that we almost considered throwing it out. Almost. We decided to try and dress it up a little and it became a GORGEOUS antique piece. The original finish on the tray was a bright copper color that had since tarnished, so we brought it back to life by dusting it over with a copper metallic spray paint leaving just enough of the under finish visible to give it that cleaned up antique feel. Wysteria was the perfect mirror to go inside with it’s copper, pink, and blue tones. We inset the mirror right in the bottom of the tray and that brought the whole piece together in a beautiful splash of copper and colors. You can incorporate antique mirror similarly in tea carts, or anything that is used for serving guest, to give an elegant and dazzling display.

Antique Bevel Tiles

Antique bevel tiles are our newest addition to our antique mirror collection and it is incredible! When bevel mirror butts up against bevel mirror, it creates this unique quilt like texture and the bevels reflect light causing little rainbows to dance. Our favorite application of them so far – inserted in pantry doors. We’ve become used to seeing antique mirror subway tiles, but these bevel tiles really POP with dimension and draw attention to themselves in the best way possible. We had never used the antique bevel tiles before this, and the impression it left us with when the job was completed totally leveled us. We couldn’t believe how stunning it looked! We had done a huge feature wall with large antique beveled squares, which is still one of our favorite pieces Builders Glass has ever done, and these little tiles hold the same miraculous beauty as that giant piece. 

Antique Mirror Wet Bars and Backsplashes

Classically, antique mirror and wet bars go hand in hand. It reminisce that elegant age of the roaring 20s and 30s during prohibition, and creates a solid back piece. Regular mirror in a wet bar is nice, but we find that reflecting all of your glasses and bottles can make the space look cluttered. While antique mirror is reflective, the patterns in it help to hide that cluttered look and instead allow your collections to stand out. Similarly, Antique mirror as a kitchen backsplash is perfect for accenting rather than adding too much. If you’re worried about the mirror being to busy against your countertops, or you’re not sure if you want to go with a colored pattern, antique mirror like French, Hollywood, and Italiano are perfect because instead of splotches of color, they look more like what you would expect of “antique” mirror. Antique mirror can be installed as whole pieces, tiles, or in a herringbone pattern.

Antique Mirror in Furniture

Wood furniture is beautiful, but as it ages and as kids play and grow up and certain “accidents” occur, they can become quite scratched and damaged – not to mention sun damage from windows or sliders that aren’t our hurricane impact glass that block up to 99% of UV rays. No need to throw them out though, antique mirror is a great addition to old furniture and covers up any damage that may be there better than clear, and even smoked glass. Old scratched wood coffee tables and dressers can be revived surpassing their past glory days, and antique mirror looks stunning in cabinet doors as an alternative to decorative or clear glass. You can spruce up that old entertainment center by adding in some antique mirror panels, or use it as a table top insert.

Antique Mirror Feature Walls

Let’s take a look back at that bevel square antique mirror feature wall I mentioned earlier. It floats, is backlit, and the rosettes in each of the meeting corners help make that feature wall a true master of beauty and elegance. Another that we did was in a dining room in which we covered the walls in diamond shaped tiles with rosettes in the meeting corners. This piece came together beautifully and became an accent of the room rather than taking over the entire space. Sometimes, the actual cut of the mirrors is what you need to make it interesting. Have a niche you want to put a mirror in but think it’ll be to plain? “X” Shape cuts, herringbone, tile, and other custom shapes can really help to give you that unique style you’re looking for.

Antique Mirror Frames

Just as colored mirror makes for a great frame, antique mirror creates a distinct, clean, frame around your vanity mirrors! Antique mirror’s pattern variations create for a more interesting look, and makes your ultra clear mirror stand out brightly. Adding rosettes to the corners can help bring these pieces together creating a mirror that looks more like a featured piece of art.

Antique Mirror Art

We really love to step outside the box and create some interesting pieces for our clients. But one of the most creative ways that we can set up antique mirror is to literally create art out of it. We just installed a Mondrian piece that we created in our showroom and it truly is a remarkable piece of art. We can also create round pieces, or play with rectangular and square pieces of mirror. To make the round pieces more interesting, a lead grate or filaments can be incorporated to separate the pieces into shapes. There are so many possibilities in this outlet, and we would love to work with you in order to create a unique piece to your taste and style.

All of our Antique mirror is hand made and hand cut making them true works of art, and every sheet of antique mirror is unique and different from the next! Want to see more or have questions about what we can do? Come into our showroom and get inspired!