There’s so much more than you know…

Most of the time when we think of glass, we picture clear, sleek, practically invisible material either protecting a surface or encasing a space. And that’s mostly what we see in our everyday lives. But there is SO much more to glass than that. Glass doesn’t always have to be plain, or invisible. Glass can stand out and have a presence in your home or office.

Glass Partition

Glass conference rooms and partition walls are a perfect way to create a private space for a home office or company conference room without closing off the rest of the world. But they don’t always have to be made out of clear glass. We recently put up a small partition in our showroom to help close off a part of our office with a well placed piece of rain glass and we can’t get enough of it! It’s clearly visible to the eye so no one walks into it, and it has an elegant presence. The texture of the glass obscures it without making the area feel darker. While textured glass does close off the world a little bit privatizing your space, it doesn’t shut out the light!

Cabinet Glass

When you have a beautiful China Set that you would like to keep safe and secure but still display nicely in your home, having glass cabinets is a perfect option. But if you want something a little more decorative, we have an array of decorative cabinet glass options to really jazz up your wood work. Some of our most popular choices include Seedy, Seremy, Satin Etched, Reeded, and Bamboo, but there are so many styles and designs to choose from! Another neat idea for your cabinets – back painted glass. Painting your old cabinets is a good way to bring them back to life, but the color can dull and fade over time. Back Painted Glass keeps the color fresh permanently and if ever you have an incident with the blender, a quick little swipe of a rag and it’s clean!

Two Tone Painted Glass

Speaking of back painted glass – during one of our experiment projects, one of reps came up with the coolest painted glass design and we now have it displayed proudly in our showroom. It’s a stunning back painted glass top with a boarder of a different color. Back Painted glass just got a lot more interesting! And to give it even more of a glitzy aesthetic, just the boarder has a tasteful iridescent glitter layer. We have become so enamored with back painted glass that that’s all we want to see now, and we are ready to venture into new territory to discover what we can do with painted glass boarder designs. Back painted backsplashes, cabinets, and marker boards? Fantastic and practical. Back painted glass desks and table tops? Yes Please!!!

Artisan Glass Counter Tops

Hand made from scratch by a professional, each of our glass counter tops are uniquely one of a kind pieces of art destined to be the most beautiful piece of glass in your home. Glass makes a great material for countertops as it doesn’t easily stain and is a breeze to clean. The patterns in these glass tops are astonishing, and when lit they evoke an etherial magic sure to captivate your guest. Raised bar tops are a perfect addition to your existing bar area as a serving surface and look amazing both indoors and outdoors.

Antique Mirror

I wanted to keep this close to glass, but antique mirror is a fantastic option for decorative glass. It can go anywhere and has so many different uses. In the back of a cabinet or a book case, antique mirror gives your collections a beautiful reflective backdrop without a cluttered look. Inserted in cabinet doors, it transforms them into light bringing instruments to brighten your kitchen. If can be used on furniture and serving instruments, and makes great backsplashes for kitchens and wet bars.

We have so many options to create your own unique glass styles, so come stop in at our showroom and get inspired!