I wanna say that we’ve done one of these posts before… but that was so long ago and it’s a new year so – here’s what’s hot and what’s not in glass in 2019!

Grid Showers

gridscape showers

Oh yes my friends. I did not say “frameless” showers. But don’t worry, I will be getting back to those later.

Grid showers are something new that we are doing here at Builders Glass. These industrial style showers look great in white bathrooms, and accompany subway style tiles effortlessly. Aesthetically, they just go together.

This style of shower is something WAY different from our normal, but it’s a good different. It’s good to try new things! And honestly, it’s growing on me. The grids cause the shower to stand out as a design feature as opposed to trying to disappear and make itself as minimal as possible. It demands to be seen.

Grid showers – definitely hot.

Double Bypass Barn Door

For the love of glass, please stop installing those atrocious gold framed bypass sliders in your bathrooms. They are dated, ugly, cheap – they’re downright gross. Yes, I am taking a huge stand against those ugly bypass sliders because you, and your bathrooms (yes, even your guest bath) deserve better than that.

For a long time now, we have been strongly against bypass doors as a whole breed. However, in an effort to be more open to options, we have found a system that we deem worthy of your attention. The Barn Door Double Bypass Slider.

These unique sliders have the (far better) functionality of a double bypass system with the elegance and style of our beloved barn door sliders. With handle bars on both sides of the doors, getting in and out has never felt safer or securer and looked this good.

Standard bypass doors – NOT hot.

Double bypass barn door – HOT!!

Ultra Clear

ultra clear glass

Say it ain’t so! Yeah… people are still *cringe* using green glass over their beautiful new tile. Why? That one is beyond me.

We have had this discussion before. And we are going to have this discussion again. It is 2019 and we SHOULD NOT be using green glass in frameless showers!

Just for clarification on WHY.

  1. Regular Clear glass is cheaply made (mostly in China) and is loaded with iron which gives it that green hue.
  2. Against brand new tile, and any other clean surface, it causes discolor! You spend so much time choosing paint, wood, hardware, and tile colors and then you go and discolor it with green glass?!

This applies to your mirrors too. Do not go and let yourself have a green reflection!!

Again, color distortion!

You don’t want it!!

For this year, and years ahead, do not go backwards and get something cheap and out dated! Green glass and mirror is out dated!!

We only stock Ultra Clear glass in our fabrication shop, so any piece that we cut for you is Ultra Clear. When coming in to order showers, mirrors, or tempered glass, go for Ultra Clear! It will be worth it farther down the line I promise.

Regular clear glass and mirror – so NOT hot, it should be buried in Antarctica

Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass – H O T! Like the SUN!

Color Glass

Purple Mirror

Color is in. WAY in. No more black and white (looking at myself here).

I know, believe me, I KNOW. It is really hard to part with black and white… like… really hard.

But it must be done!

We have become so boring over the years in regard to color and vibrancy. Colors make people happy! Naturally, our world is colorful. How did we get to this point in which we have essentially eliminated color?

When it comes to reintroducing color into our homes, I have a couple ideas.

  1. Back Painted Glass Back Splash – Custom paint colors on glass? Yes please! Picture this, you have white walls and black hardware. What about… red? Putting in a pop of color can really turn an area on its head. And if something so bold as that seems a little scary, you can do something more subtle. Shades of light blue are very popular in the backsplash realm. Again, the colors are ALL custom, picked by you, and hand painted by us!
  2. Color Mirror – We’ve had quite the boom in color mirror orders lately. We have used them for jobs as frames for other mirrors, in Mondrian designed walls, as feature mirrors, and as backsplashes! It’s a great way to introduce a color in a bold fashion while getting all the benefits of mirror!
  3. Antique Mirror – Everyone’s favorite mirror option besides Ultra Clear, the coveted antique mirror. Go subtle, or be grand with your color in this unique and custom mirror form! Seriously, order a sample box at striptiles.com or come and see it here in our showroom, it’s glorious for nearly everything.
  4. Color Deco Glass – When I say this is new, I mean, it’s BRAND new to us. Deco glass has always been one of my least favorite topics to discuss, but that’s quickly changing. It all started with a client bringing in a piece of mirrored rain glass – actually it didn’t. It kinda was an accident sparked by us making sample boxes and putting deco glass over colored mirror, but this client really knocked the ball of the tee so to speak and got it rolling. Now, we are experimenting with back painted deco glass! Deco glass just get THAT much more interesting for me.

Introducing a color is a great way to lift your home just a little bit. Bring a little sunshine in. We need colors.

Colored Glass – Definitely Hot!

Wine Cellars

glass wine enclosure vintage view

When it comes to Wine Cellars, there is a LOT of history there. For centuries, man kind has used the wine cellar much like the wheel. But, we can reinvent wine cellars, ya know? So we did!!

Ok, so wine cellars, what about glass wine enclosures are different then regular ones?

Glass wine enclosures are a high end accommodation. They allow you to put your wine collection on display as opposed to just storing them in a stone, wood, or basement cellar. It’s a way to really show off your vino and create something unique in your home. If you’re going to have all that wine, why hide it?

Thy don’t have to be huge, refrigerated, enclosures. My favorite ones are the small, one wall glass cases. Depending on how fast you drink your wine, and how many bottles you keep on hand, you may not need a huge chilled enclosure.

The other thing about the glass wine enclosures that I absolutely love is that fact that each one is personal to the client and it is one of the projects that we get to really work WITH the client in designing it.

And for the last time…


Sheesh – don’t do that yourself or your wine, please!

I tell you this because I care!!!

Glass Wine Cellars – may be chilled inside but, REALLY REALLY HOT!!

There’s so much more for us to talk about, so I’ll be sure to try and make a part two on this topic!

If you have any questions or would really like to see how we can help update your home, please come stop into our showroom and get inspired!