Home and Design Luxury Home Show 2019

How’s it going everyone!

We had our first event of the year February 1st and 2nd at the Home and Design Show hosted at the Ritz Tiburon in Naples and WOW WOW WOW!

I actually had the pleasure of attending the Home and Design Show on Friday, and what a great experience! LA, Bridget, Leslie and I got to meet so many of your wonderful faces and tell you about the glass that we are so passionate about and overall had a really fun time!Builders Glass Home Show

Set Up

Set up and presentation is everything right? OF COURSE IT IS!

The day before the show LA and I went in and started bedazzling our booth – and yes I mean that literally.

Rose gold sequence cloth was used as a back drop to create a stark, and very sparkly, contrast to the black velvet that surrounded us.

On an overturned cardboard box that we disguised with another sparkly piece of rose gold cloth, we created a pedestal for three of our seven Sand Dollar Awards and lit them up with a cool colorful spot light from below.

The biggest piece that we brought with us this year to the show was a 48” Round, Blue Mirror Crackle top that lives in our showroom.

We also had displays of every Color Mirror we have available, examples of Back Painted Glass, Clear vs Ultra Clear Glass and Mirror, and of course, Antique Mirror. We even brought some Textured Counter Top Glass with us as well as two albums of jobs that we have done to demonstrate Wine Cellars, Shower Enclosures, Wet Bars, and Mondrian Mirror, and sample boxes that included all the Antique Mirror patterns, one piece of Colored Mirror, and a Cabinet Glass sample. (Gee, sometimes I don’t realize the extent of what we do around here until I list it all out, ya know?)

We also hung some posters of our most notable Sand Dollar Award Receiver projects to fill the wall space around us, and with that we were done!

And no, I did not do such a thing as climb up on tables or anything of that sort in order to hang various items…

The Show

The show itself was phenomenal!

I usually don’t like social events, but I really did have a good time!

The first day, Friday, were mostly vendors, and a few consumers coming to check out the show. Everyone was very friendly, and LA, who is our bookkeeper, did an AMAZING job showcasing the glass displays. Even our owner Leslie made a grand appearance and, as always, had a great time explaining our various projects with the public!

We’ve already had so many people come in since then for various glass project quotes and new jobs!

I wasn’t there on Saturday, but Bridget, LA, and Leslie were and I hear that it was even better than Friday!!

If you did come see us at the show, please let us know when you call or come in. We would LOVE to hear from you again so that we can continue to do the Home and Design Show again in the future!

After Thoughts

Like I stated above, I’m not one for social events, but this really was a great experience. My coworkers are masters at explaining glass in such an engaging way and I really do encourage you to come out to any of these kinds of events, or come stop into our showroom and get inspired!!