2018 was a year of tremendous growth and change for us here at Builders Glass. Both personal, and business changes have impacted us for the better and we are looking forward to the year ahead of us!

With that said, here is a glance back at some of our greatest accomplishments of 2018.

This Blog

So why did I wait till the end of January to put this blog up?

I needed it to be perfect. I went through the plethora of accomplishments that we made back in 2018, and decided to only pick a choice few. Otherwise this blog would literally be a mini novel. 

Our Staff!

builders glass staff

I want to take a moment to highlight our amazing staff here at Builders Glass. Time and time again, our fabricators and installers consistently show up and show out through their work. I enjoy those small opportunities that I get to actually see them in action when they’re in the shop cutting glass. Our guys really know what their doing, and the way that I see them work together is something I haven’t seen working anywhere else. When they all get to work together on a job, they have a lot of fun, and it really shows.

My favorite times at work though, are the rare times that we all get to have lunch together. We are ALWAYS running here. Never are we all here in the office at the same time, and by the off chance that we are, glass is always being moved or cut.

We have a couple times in a year where we get together and sit down and actually eat, and it always makes me happy to see everyone from our office and glass crews interacting and laughing and not always talking about glass. We just get to be people, and friends, and I think that that is something really unique about our company. They’re all really nice people, and I am proud of the accomplishments that we have all made in 2018.

Builders Glass staff

Sand Dollar Awards

sand dollar awards

We also hit the CBI Sand Dollar Awards again in 2018 and came back home with two more awards!!

One was awarded to an incredible feat of mirror mastery – a huge antique mirror Mondrian wall. I’ve only seen pictures of this remarkable feature but W O W!

It encompasses 4 different patterns of antique mirror, and spans the whole length of a wall. Inspired by Piet Mondrian, this wall of mirror truly is a work of art and a master of ingenuity. Each antique mirror tile was cut to carefully fit in its proper place, and then installed on the wall.  The entirety of this project was a strategy game, and our crews played it perfectly.

Our other Sand Dollar Award winner was an under the stair climate controlled wine cellar that we had created for a client. Made with Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass (as we all agree should be the norm with glass since it does not discolor anything around it and has a high definition and quality appearance), the glass of the wine cellar looks crisp and clean.

I personally love looking at this cellar, especially in the space that it lives in. While the hardware of the floor to ceiling racks, and large pull handle, and overall composition of the cellar would seem to be contemporary, the wood and colors around it provide a warm, modern appeal. 

Creative Works

Speaking of jobs that we won awards on, 2018 was a great year creatively for us. We pushed our boundaries and experimented with what we could do with glass.

Some of you may recall our burst with iridescent glitter back painted glass. Yes, we still love it, and we’ve used it on a couple jobs for kitchen back splashes!

Felicia painted her glass desk top as a two toned desk with a sparkle boarder. And you should check out our blog post about the royal blue painted back splash in our wine cellar that we all a hand in – that one really is a whole story on its own.

We’ve also become super enamored by this one wine wall that we did. The wine racking that we used evaporates into Ultra Clear mirror giving the most realistic illusion that the bottles are floating, while also giving the illusion of more bottles than are really present. The simplicity and clean look is what really made us all fall in love with this particular wine piece, and it was something that we hadn’t tried before!

Also one for the hall of fame, our amazing floating Mondrian inspired mirror in our showroom. This piece really is one of my favorite projects from 2018 (as any of you that have read any of our previous blog posts are probably well aware) – and I get to sit directly across from it all day! What I love about it is that it was all experimental, and paved the way for the giant Sand Dollar award winning job! Creating it was a process indeed. For about… four weeks or so? It lived on our floor in the showroom. And if you’ve seen it, it’s not a small mirror. Everyone in our office had a hand in the creation of this piece. We would walk by and adjust a piece, switch it out for another mirror of a different pattern or color, cut new pieces for it – it was a never ending jigsaw puzzle of mirror and white back painted glass strips. And it was a lot of fun to watch and see it evolve. Literally, EVERYONE had a hand on it at some point through the process.


So, we are days away from being a whole month into 2019, and we have not slowed down any degree.

From us here at Builders Glass to you, we look forward to our steady progression into this new year together, and to all of our future projects and endeavors, and wish you the best.

Thank you for a great year last year – 2019 will be our best yet!