Mirrors are great tools of design and masters of manipulation. They help to both bring light in, and make small spaces feel much larger. I really like the idea of mirror walls, and there are so many ways of creating more interesting mirror walls. You don’t have to go with a giant sheet of mirror filling the entire space, especially when there are some really unique options.

Where Should I Put My Mirror?

Mirror feature walls are meant to be a statement piece in your home. Places of high traffic and family gatherings are ideal, such as the living or dinning area.

But don’t for a second believe that those are the limits.

It’s important to keep in mind that mirror walls are not just a design feature, but that they serve a purpose and a function.

Any place that you need to open up a bit and create space, or need to brighten up, is a prefect location for a wall mirror. I personally like to see them on corner walls where light might not reach well to help expand that space a little bit and help light flow better.

I also like the idea of mirror wrapped columns where each flat face of the column has mirror on it. (This is for square or rectangular columns, we don’t do curved mirror.) The columns essentially disappear and the space becomes more open and brighter. And they look really cool in Antique mirror that’s a little easier seen.


When we think Mondrian, we think of Piet Mondrian’s classic yellows, blues, and reds all uniquely boxed off with white and black. And let me tell you, it translates to mirror remarkably well.

We have a Mondrian feature wall in our showroom made up of grey, rose, ultra clear, and antique mirrors. But stop there we shall not!

This look can also be used with only ultra clear mirror to create a unique mirrored look. With only the one kind of mirror, the cut pattern of the mirror subtly breaks up the entire piece leaving you with a fascinating and beautiful feature wall.

You could also try it with bronze, grey, rose, purple, blue – any color mirror that we have available.

You could even try to recreate an exact Mondrian homage if you really wanted to.

The really cool thing about this arrangement is that you can create as many variations of it as you can think up. With colored mirror and antique mirror options thrown into the mix, almost anything possible.

Grid Mirror

We recently did a job where we installed a gridded mirror on a wall and it looks stunning. We used flat stock for the grids and laid that over the mirror to create the pattern. What I like about it is how it works almost like a decorative divider. The mirror still helps to brighten the area, but the grid pattern breaks it up and creates a decorative piece that becomes a focal point in the room.

It also reminds me of a window in both its design and it’s light flow functionality. It helps the room feel more airy and light.

Beveled Mirror Wall

Our famous beveled hydrangea wall is pictured everywhere, and for good reason. This backlit floating beauty works to command the dinning room where it lives. The 12 X 12 beveled tiles of Hydrangea Antique Mirror have a quilted appeal where the bevel edges meet. Fillet was used to give each square their own space to breathe without making them look separate from each other. Each corner has a rosette in it that works like a button to give the illusion of a fastened point in the mirror.

This wall is still one of our proudest works here at Builders Glass, and it is a beast of a feature wall.

The beveled wall is in a position where it catches a lot of sunlight without blindly shinning the sun on a mirror. Besides the backlit lighting, when sunlight hits the hydrangea, the whole wall glows.

We haven’t completed a second wall like this, and I would really love to see this in other antique mirror patterns like Sunset, Dark Cloud, and Wisteria, or maybe even Ultra Clear Mirror.

Colored Mirror

Another majorly bold design feat would be the use of a colored feature mirror.

Much like colored mirror in a Mondrian design, or even antique mirror, mirrors in different colors help to reintroduce color into our environment.

I saw a picture on Pinterest not too long ago of a white room with black furniture that was stunning. But the punchline was a gorgeous pink mirror framed in black on the wall. It instantly caught my eye, and in a monotoned room, the pink mirror seemed to really burst through.

At the present moment, we are working on a project that is centered around a purple mirror, and I’m really excited to see how it will turn out.

For those of us who are unsure about one whole colored mirror, they make excellent frames for ultra clear mirror.

One of our other prominent mirror feature walls is a mirror framed in green mirror, and no I don’t mean ultra clear mirror wrapped in regular clear mirror. I’m talking GREEN mirror. And it is amazing!

Color mirror is something that is almost never seen anymore, and what can be done with it is definitely a huge game changer when it comes to design. 

Antique Mirror

Back to antique mirror again, because antique mirror is life, there are SO many options both in medium and in application!

We’ve seen antique mirror feature walls in sheets, diamonds, squares, subway tiles, huge beveled tiles, herringbone, used as a frame – it goes on and on and on.

Antique mirror is something that is unique to everyone, and really catches the eye. All of our antique mirror is made by hand and cut by hand, so no two pieces are exactly the same. Each piece is like it’s own individual finger print.

For more on wall mirrors and feature walls, come visit us in our showroom and get inspired!