Large Frameless Glass Wine Cellar 

If you haven’t discovered the Glass Wine Room, let us introduce you. Traditionally, the wine has been stored in cellars that are located out of the main living areas of the home. Often hidden away in a dark corner or basement. These areas were chosen because they offered the most climate control. Dark corners and basements just don’t exist in Florida! We have not only overcome this design challenge but created a new Design Element for the home. The goal of this project was to create a focal point for the home, while also serving as functional Climate Controlled storage. The wine was to be the star of the project. What better way to showcase a wine collection than with an all glass cellar?

The beauty of the all glass wine room or cellar is the flexibility in choosing a location. The homeowner sought our advice and we found perfect space. As soon as you walk in the front door, you are greeted by the beautiful sight of the back lake and the spectacular appearance of floating wine bottles encased in ultra-clear glass. The 24″ ladder pull door handles further increase the effect giving the impression of solid, heavy doors against the delicate rise of the floating wine bottles installed on the floor to ceiling mounts(allowing for the racking to be presented in front of the glass).

Glass Wine Cellar

A Glass Wine Room has to be able to maintain consistent climate control. With the proper refrigeration system, we designed a wine room of glass, complete with Magnetic seals to ensure the door had an airtight seal on the doors coupled with the ½” thick ultra-clear glass ensure a tight, climate controlled environment to keep wine at its ideal temperature.

Condensation is a common concern with an all-glass cellar that does not consist of heavy framing and insulated glass. Our experience in glass has taught us a secret to eliminating condensation, and that is leaving a small space at the bottom of the doors to allow enough air seepage o prevent condensation, yet still, maintain climate control.

To enhance the wine cellar and differentiate it as its own space, a wall treatment was important. The Plum Stikwood on the back wall and ceiling of the cellar gives it an authentic, wine cellar feel while keeping it clean and modern with the smooth finish and modern color. The versatile nature of the product was a perfect choice, with its ultra-thin boards and simple peel and stick application. Continuing the stikwood on the ceiling completes the look.

While the wine cellar is the center of attention by its sheer size and magnitude, it does not detract from, or overpower, the rest of the room.We managed to create a cellar the holds over 600 bottles of wine without intruding on the living area. If anything, the structure brings it all together into one complete set enhancing the appearance and atmosphere, inviting you into the space.